Oscar: An Accident Waiting To Happen by Melinda Ferguson & Patricia Taylor

Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen is the all-exclusive inside story of a teenage daughter’s romance turned into every mother’s nightmare.

Oscar-coversfinal (1)

In September 2011, 24-year-old Oscar Pistorius was introduced to the XXX* family. The next 2.5 years would become a series of rollercoaster rides of emotional highs as young love blossomed, contrasted with dangerous lows, as Pistorius’s international celebrity, emotional fragility, broken promises and acts of recklessness consumed the family.

The London Olympic Games in 2012 was the lowest point. While the world watched Pistorius making history as the first disabled athlete to compete against the likes of Usain Bolt, behind the scenes the weeping Paralympian was on the phone to the XXX* family 24/7. 

Promises by Pistorius to get psychological help never materialised. After one too many signs that his dangerous behaviour was endangering her daughter’s life, by late October 2012, mother XXX* laid down the law, telling Pistorius to stay away from her family forever.

In her last conversation she warned: “Oscar, you have got to step out of your life… Something is going to go wrong. And it’s going to happen soon… Your life is like this terrible accident waiting to happen.”

Just over three months later Pistorius would shoot his new girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp four times with his 9mm Parabellum pistol. 

Brilliantly researched with never before published behind-the-scenes detail, set against the killing that shocked the world, if you only read one book this year, read this one.


Due to the sub judice nature of material relating to the upcoming Pistorius trial, certain names have been omitted.

About the authors


Oscar: An Accident Waiting To Happen (MFBooks, Jacana), is written by award-winning journalist and best-selling author (of Smacked) Melinda Ferguson, in close collaboration with a key state witness, Patricia TaylorOscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen will be on shelf and simultaneously released as an ebook after the verdict has been announced. The authors and book will be featured as part of the breaking news on Good Morning America while various newspapers are presently trying to outbid each other to serialise the book. Ferguson launched MFBooks in late 2012; this is the 10th book in her imprint.

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Published by MFBooks (An imprint of Jacana Media)

ISBN: 9781920601324

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Random Kak 2: Living, Loving and Laughing in South Africa by Trevor Romain

The hugely popular Trevor Romain is back with more random memories about growing up in South Africa in the 70s and 80s.

Trevor Romain - Random Kak 2 LR jpg

In this follow-up to Random Kak I Remember about Growing Up in South Africa, he offers a humorous and unique take on some of the sights, sounds and experiences that have made living in this country so inspiring. Remembering what it means to be South African has never been as lekker as it is in this illustrated memoir of a colourful past.

About the Author


Trevor Romain is a best-selling author and illustrator of an award-winning series of self-help books for children, as well as a sought-after motivational speaker. Trevor was born and raised in South Africa and is currently based in the USA where he hosts a popular television series. His books have sold more than a million copies worldwide and have been published in 16 different languages.

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Published by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143539179

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Fresh from the Vegetarian Kitchen by Mellissa Bushby


Favourite recipes from a seasoned vegetarian who has learnt through trial and error. Mellissa Bushby is not a trained chef, but her passion for food, and for living life mindfully, is evident throughout the book. For many non-vegetarians, the thought of giving up meat is a step too far, but Fresh from the Vegetarian Kitchen will tempt even the most dedicated meat-eater to try ‘meat-free Mondays’. Mellissa presents food that sustains and nourishes both body and soul, with a selection of recipes that are perfect for family meals as well as entertaining. Through the pages, we imagine that mealtimes at the Bushby’s yield a table groaning with garden-fresh salads, healthy main dishes, home-made breads and bakes, and luscious desserts.

About the Author


Mellissa Bushby is a wife, mother, ceramicist, illustrator, keen gardener, blogger, lover of nature and long-standing vegetarian who believes in touching the Earth lightly. She takes delight in making the most of seasonal ingredients to prepare scrumptuous meat-free and dairy-free meals for her family, often utilising ingredients plucked fresh from her own garden. Mellissa lives in the Lowveld with her husband, Lorne, and young sons Rayne and Gelyn. Fresh from the Vegetarian Kitchen is her second cookbook.

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Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781432303037



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Raising the Bar by Songezo Zibi


South Africa faces enormous challenges brought about by the legacy of its horrible past and the actions of its present. In the twenty years since the advent of democracy the country has come to believe that the ailments of its soul will be solved by state bureaucratic interventions. While at a material level this may be true, at the core of its failure to confront its demons successfully is a missing moral and philosophical foundation to the future it wants to build. Desperate to build a new, positive and uplifting narrative of itself, South Africa has failed at the task of constructing a society and instead sought to maintain a fragile truce between bitterly competing interests.

Raising the Bar provides a fresh, unencumbered analysis of the topics that pervade our daily lives, including race, leadership, politics, government, violence, the position of women and the taboos that haunt us. It explores why we are the people we have become and the future our present state is building. Uncomfortable and littered with vulnerabilities and problems, this is a task we can no longer delay. It is the only way to lay a solid foundation to ensure that we become a prosperous nation.

Litfest 2014: Songezo Zibi

Business Day editor Songezo Zibi talks about his new book Raising the Bar.

About the Author

download (2)

Songezo Zibi is the editor of the Business Day, South Africa’s only standalone and highly respected business daily. He spent the first fourteen years of his career in corporate communications at multinational companies, Volkswagen South Africa (1998–2006) and then at Xstrata South Africa (2006–2013) where he served in its executive structures. He has written extensively on politics, society and the economy for various national publications before taking up his current position. Raising the Bar is his first book.

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Published by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781770103689



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Breathless by Jassy Mackenzie


Soon after her marriage, New Yorker Erin Mitchell is en route to Kruger when her vehicle is washed off a flooding bridge. She can thank her lucky stars that Nicholas de Lanoy is there to help her. Until the bridge is repaired, Erin is a reluctant guest on Nicholas’s game farm, a fact that she can’t share with her possessive new husband. 

The handsome and wealthy Nicholas is a self-confessed libertine who prefers no-strings affairs to relationships. However, as Erin learns more about him and his troubled past, she realises she is falling – hard.

Guilty and torn, she considers giving her marriage a second chance. But letting her go back to an abusive partner is not something Nicholas can allow, given his own history. He’s saved Erin’s life once – can he now help her save herself? 

Courtesy of Umuzi, read an extract HERE

About the Author


Jassy Mackenzie is the author of Random Violence, My Brother’s Keeper, Stolen Lives, Worst Case, Pale Horses, Folly and Switch. Her books are published in the United States and in Germany and have been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and an International Thriller Award. She lives and works in Johannesburg. 

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Published by Umuzi (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781415206867 

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Dancing to the Beat of the Drum by Pamela Nomvete

The sangomas say that when it is time to connect with your true calling, your true self, you must “dance to the beat of the drum”.


Returning to the land of her parents’ birth in 1994 – after making a name for herself as an actress on the British stage – Pamela Nomvete became a household name as Ntsiki Lukhele, “the bitch”, on Generations. But the mirage of luxury and success in which she lived was just that, a mirage. Behind closed doors she battled her husband’s infidelities, addiction and spiritual confusion. Dancing to the Beat of the Drum details the traumatic personal crisis Pamela went through as her success grew – a crisis which took everything she had worked for from her – and how she came to re-evaluate her priorities and reconnect with the spiritual side of her life – something she had long neglected.

“Pamela Nomvete is back with a bang!” – DRUM
“A standing ovation is in order . . .” – Heiress Lifestyle
“Nomvete pulls no punches . . .” – Blue Ink Review
“An unputdownable read . . .” The Herald


Pamela Nomvete – “Dancing to the Beat of the Drum” (A Visual Guide) || #VeeArtMedia. 

About the Author


Pamela Nomvete has been an actress for twenty-six years, having graduated from the Welsh College of Music and Drama in 1985. She spent ten years on the British stage before moving to South Africa – her ancestral home – in 1994, where she embarked on a very successful television career. She became a South African icon and ended up as a patron of a Khoisan pageant held in Botswana.

Pamela co-wrote and co-produced a thirteen-part comedy series for the SABC, appeared in the HBO film Sometimes in April, as the character Martine, and won a best actress award at the Fespaco film festival in 2005 for the role she played in the film Zulu Love Letter.

Pamela went through a very traumatic personal crisis as her success grew and ended up losing everything she had worked for. She spent two weeks living in her car in Johannesburg before returning to London in 2007. Back in the UK she continued her successful acting career, performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Court. Until 2013 she was a regular character in Coronation Street in the UK – the longest running soap opera in the UK.

During the time she was living in her car, Pamela learned about detachment from all the external things we often use to define us. She learned that, as long as she was alive, she could survive and handle any situation. She learned about the true nature of the human spirit, which she found among the very ordinary people of South Africa – really the people who made up her fan base. She recognised that she had a mission and that was to encourage people who believed they had no worth to see their value and use it to encourage others like them. Pamela learned that the voice of the “little person” will be heard the loudest and will make the biggest contribution to positive transformation in any community.

Pamela is a Nichiren Buddhist and is working on developing her skill as a writer and learning the ropes around the art of film-making. She believes in the power of the human spirit and will continue to work to unleash the hidden potential in herself and others.

View Pamela‘s Facebook page HERE

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Published by Kwela Books

ISBN: 9780795706875

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The Poacher’s Moon by Richard Peirce


When wildlife conservationist Richard Peirce learnt about the targeting of three private game reserves in the Western Cape in 2011 and the butchery of some of their rhinos, he embarked on a crusade to raise public awareness about the horrors of rhino poaching. 

This is the story of Higgins and Lady, two rhinos from the farm Fairy Glen that defied the odds by surviving a brutal attack. Peirce keeps the reader spellbound as he recounts the series of attacks and their aftermath in chilling detail: the unbearable savagery, suspect police work, shady characters, mysterious happenings and death threats. 

Reading like a crime thriller, this account of dogged survival, compassion and triumph – along with desperate strategizing to outwit the poaching mafia – will have wide appeal. Colour images throughout, taken as the drama unfolded, bring the subject even more vividly to life. 

About the Author


Richard Peirce is best known as a shark conservationist – his main focus for over 20 years. Chairman of the Shark Conservation Society and the Shark Trust, he has authored several books on the topic. Richard and his wife Jacqui are confirmed nomads who spend half the year in South Africa; their love of wildlife takes them to the bush at every opportunity. Part of the proceeds of sales of this book will go to the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA).

Follow Richard on Twitter @Rpaconsult

View The Poacher’s Moon website HERE

Published by Struik Nature (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781775841784

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Western Empires by Sampie Terreblanche

Sampie Terreblanche - Western Empires LR_0

Controversial in its approach, monumental in its scope – this book is the crowning achievement of a distinguished academic career by one of South Africa’s most respected senior economists.

Sampie Terreblanche takes a critical look at how social and economic inequality became entrenched in the current world order dominated by Western powers since the 1500s. The book details how five centuries of Western empire-building shaped our society into the deeply unequal and gratuitously unjust place that it is today. It also teaches us that every empire is unsustainable and the remaining industrial countries in the West are weaker than most people think.

Because unrestrained capitalism lies at the root of their weakness, these empires will not last. The author shows how growing income inequality, environmental damage and increasingly higher financial market risks have impaired our ability to establish a society built on a long-term and sustainable developmental model. In order to remedy the brokenness of our current system, we have to understand the economic, social and political drivers that brought us here.

About the Author

Sampie Terreblanche

Sampie Terreblanche obtained his DPhil in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch in 1963. He also attended Harvard University and, at twenty-three, began teaching at the University of the Orange Free State. He spent the lion’s share of his teaching career at the University of Stellenbosch, where he retired as Professor of Economics in 1995 and was appointed as Professor Emeritus the following year. He was awarded honorary doctorates by the University of the Free State in 2005 and by the University of Pretoria in 2013.

Professor Terreblanche participated in numerous international conferences and was hosted by the governments of Belgium, Britain and the USA.  He was a Visiting Professor at Princeton, Columbia and the University of Santa Cruz, California. In the 1970s, Terreblanche sat on the seminal Theron Commission into chronic poverty of the coloured community of the Western Cape. He has been an increasingly vocal critic, first of the apartheid government and then the democratic South African government because of the failure of the state to address inequality. 

Terreblanche is the author of twelve books, including Politieke ekonomie en sosiale welvaart (Political Economics and Social Prosperity) (1986) and A History of Inequality in South Africa:  1952–2002 (2002). He has also written more than thirty articles for journals and chapters in books, and hundreds of articles and letters in the consumer press.

Published by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143539070


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A Greener Tomorrow – Simple Ways to Go Green

Just in time for Spring, this gem of a book will be published in September 2014.


You know you should be doing something to help save our planet, but it sounds hard.

Going green all at once is too much for almost anyone to achieve.  Instead, try to make just one change, or add one new sustainable habit, each week.  After one year you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished

A Greener Tomorrow will give you tips on simple things that you can start doing straight away – be it at work, at home, and in your garden.  Let’s all do our part in saving this planet – allow our children’s grandchildren to still live in a world that is beautiful.

View A Greener Tomorrow‘s Facebook page HERE

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The official list of the South Africans who have taken the time to provide their tips to include in A Greener Tomorrow – Simple Ways to Go Green.


Published by Tracey McDonald Publishers

ISBN: 9780620602105


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Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex by Emma Sadleir and Tamsyn de Beer

In the digital age you can get into serious legal trouble at the click of a button.

Emma Sadleir & Tamsyn de Beer - Don't Film Yourself Having Sex LR_0

The shift from passive Internet user to active digital citizen has brought about unprecedented levels of online interaction, creation and connecting. But as people begin to share more and more about themselves and their lives on social media, they are finding themselves getting into trouble for what they say and do online.

Emma Sadleir and Tamsyn de Beer, who together run one of South Africa’s leading social media law consultancies, point out the social traps and legal tangles that you could find yourself facing as you navigate the murky waters of the digital age. In a fun, witty and easily accessible way, this ground-breaking book details the legal, disciplinary and reputational risks that you, your company and your children face online.

By outlining the laws and rules applicable to what you do and say on social media, and providing practical and common sense advice, Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex ultimately shows you that in order to reap the extraordinary benefits of digital technology without succumbing to its risks, you need to start practising responsible digital citizenship. 

About the Authors


Emma Sadleir and Tamsyn de Beer are admitted attorneys, each with a Masters in Law from the London School of Economics. Their areas of expertise include all aspects of print and electronic media law, with a particular focus on social media law. Much of their work involves creating social media strategies and policies, speaking at conferences and consulting on defamation, privacy, data protection, revenge porn and online reputation management. They also do a lot of educational work with corporates, schools and universities on the responsible use of social media.

Emma rides horses, loves cricket and has a penchant for a party. Tamsyn is allergic to horses, prefers wine to cricket, and blogs about fashion. They are both nerds. 

Photo: Charles Johnstone

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Social Media Law and legal implications with Emma Sadleir

Published by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143538943


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