What Will People Say? by Rehana Rossouw


Rehana Rossouw’s unique voice gives life and drama to this family saga.

It is the story of the Fourie family, residents of Hanover Park in the Cape Flats during the height of the struggle era. The main characters include Magda, the churchgoing mother, who doesn’t see what’s going on in front of her; Neville, the concerned and loving but not always effectual father; Suzette, the oldest daughter, who is bound and determined to get away and make a better life for herself via a career in modelling; Nicky, the smart and sensitive middle child, who proves herself capable of making unselfish choices; and Anthony, the naïve and doomed son, who gets caught up with a gang and meets a sad end.

In What Will People Say? the setting is everything, and the author doesn’t stint on the details of the world her characters inhabit. Readers who have never set foot in Hanover Park will feel they are there, and those who know the place will nod in recognition of the sensory details the author loads into her writing. Nor does the author shy away from the difficult issues faced by those living in this marginalised and disadvantaged community, which came into being as a result of the forced removals from Cape Town. How these issues affect the members of a particular family and their relationships with one another are the focus of the author’s close-up lens.

Generously spiced with Cape Flats slang; lots of vivid and gritty description that give an authentic feel to the story; plenty of plot – the writer draws us in and makes us curious about what will happen next; and very human characters we come to care about.

About the Author


Rehana Rossouw was born and rooted in Cape Town, but is currently in self-imposed exile in Johannesburg. She has been a journalist for three decades and has also taught journalism and creative writing. She has a Master’s in Creative Writing from Wits University.

Published by Jacana Media

ISBN: 9781431420247

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Blending Families by Flicky Gildenhuys


Integrating former family units into a new strong, happy and successful blended family can be a minefield, but it can also be a thoroughly rewarding voyage of discovery.  Blending Families explores how the impact of the past and hopes for the future can shape the way we manage the everyday challenges of living in a blended family.  Understanding both the parents’ and the children’s perceptions of the new situations in which they find themselves and their possible reactions to their new living environment is the essence of the book.

Flicky Gildenhuys equips the reader to anticipate what may or may not happen, and provides parents with tried-and-tested, down-to-earth psychological tools and experience gained from decades of family counselling in order to manage whatever issues may arise to achieve true and lasting happiness as a new family.

About the Author


Cape Town-based Flicky Gildenhuys is a well-known educator in the field of parenting. Her enduring passion for helping families spans three decades and has produced innovative parenting  programmes and many successful family interventions. This book is an expression of years of working with families, combined with her own personal experience of bringing up her six children in a blended family. Flicky is a UCT psychology graduate with further studies in Clinical Social Work and counselling. When she is not at work she is likely to be found walking with her dogs on the beach or hiking in the mountains with her husband.

View Flicky‘s Facebook page HERE

Published by Penguin Random House SA

ISBN: 9781432303631

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A Century of Symphony by Louis Heyneman & Shirley de Kock Gueller

As Africa’s oldest orchestra, and certainly its most versatile, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra is a proud part of the fabric of the Mother City.


Founded in 1914 as a municipally funded ensemble, the orchestra was privatised in 1986 and later merged with the former capab orchestra, achieving independence in 2000.

A Century of Symphony tells the story of Cape Town’s orchestras over the past 100 years. Bringing together reminiscences, anecdotes and heartfelt stories by players, conductors and audience members, images of the orchestra both past and present, and information gathered from city, newspaper and university archives, A Century of Symphony offers a timeless perspective on the place of orchestral music in the life of the city.

The challenges of running an orchestra in the 21st century are formidable, but the orchestra’s mission to deliver first-class music played by first-class musicians in a sustainable way has never been more apparent. Outreach and education efforts in disadvantaged communities point the way to the future. This is a story not only worth telling, but also worth preserving, for Cape Town’s orchestras have been the cultural jewel of the city for 100 years.

About the Authors

Louis Heyneman

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Louis Heyneman obtained degrees in music and journalism at the University of Stellenbosch and furthered his postgraduate studies at the University of Missouri–Columbia in the us. After a career as a music journalist and a magazine editor, he became the Director of the Oude Meester Foundation for the Performing Arts. In 2000 he became the CEO of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra.

View Louis‘ Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

Shirley de Kock Gueller


Shirley de Kock Gueller is strategic marketing consultant with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra. She is a widely published arts and travel writer, editor and public relations consultant. She was an assistant editor with Reader’s Digest and press liaison officer with the us Information Service. She holds a ba (Hons) in English and is a board member of the Cape Town Concert Series, Richard Wagner Society of South Africa and Scotia Chamber Players/Festival of Music in Halifax, Canada.

View Shirley‘s Facebook page HERE

Published by Jonathan Ball Publishers

ISBN: 9781868426560

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Celebrating World Read Aloud Day with Nal’ibali and Gcina Mhlophe – March 4

Nal’ibali, the national reading-for-enjoyment campaign, is calling on all South Africans to join them in celebrating one of the most important dates in the literacy calendar, World Read Aloud Day, on Wednesday 04 March.


Raising awareness of the importance of reading aloud for children’s literacy development, and attempting to break its read-aloud record from 2014, the campaign is asking adults across the country to read aloud the same story on the same day to the children in their lives. Each year, Nal’ibali commissions a new story to share on this day, and makes it available in all 11 official languages. This year’s story has been written by one of South Africa’s best-loved storytellers, Gcina Mhlophe.

To sign-up, download, or to print out Nal’ibali’s special World Read Aloud Day story for yourself, your school, crèche, staff or others in your area, visit www.nalibali.org, www.nalibali.mobi or email info@nalibali.org.

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Wasted by Mark Winkler


Nathan Lucius has a problem. Every time he thinks he’s got life by the scruff of the neck it just wriggles free. There are so many rules. So many things that should be said and done to keep everyone happy. And no one is happy.

But Nathan is a problem solver. And if he just tries hard enough, he will maybe, somehow, make someone, just one person happy.

And then his friend Madge is diagnosed with cancer. She is dying. And she wants him to help her end it all. .

Wasted is a pop culture Crime and Punishment set in a dark and twisted version of Cape Town – a novel that takes the reader into the very heart of what it is to be human.

About the Author


Mark Winkler grew up in what is now Mpumalanga, and was educated at St Alban’s College in Pretoria and Rhodes University, Grahamstown. He has spent most of his working life in the advertising industry in Cape Town, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. He is currently creative director at a leading Cape Town advertising agency.

View Mark‘s Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

View Mark‘s blog HERE

Published by Kwela Books (An imprint of NB Publishers)

ISBN: 9780795706998

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Love in the Time of Contempt by Joanne Fedler


In Love in the Time of Contempt Joanne Fedler won’t tell you how to be the ‘perfect’ parent. She’s not a psychologist or an academic. But she is the mother of two teenagers, and she knows how it feels to be the parent of someone sprouting hair, zits and attitude all over the place.

This is a gritty, hilarious look at the day-to-day interactions with teenagers, and the tussled, frazzled and complex business of remaining mature while supporting someone to become an adult.

Joanne shares her philosophy that we are meant to parent imperfectly – our mistakes are the start of the important conversations we need to have with our kids. She guides us through enduring intermittent bouts of contempt and not taking it personally, picking the fights that are worth having, and surviving the journey from frustration, to confusion, to elation and back again.

Love in the Time of Contempt is a funny, poignant account of the dramas and delights of parenting teenagers who know it all, who don’t yet have a fully functioning brain and who desperately need us to parent them – just not in the way we’re used to.

Book trailer for Love in the Time of Contempt

About the Author


Joanne Fedler is the author of eight books including the international bestsellers Secret Mothers’ Business and When Hungry, Eat. Her books have sold over 600 000 copies worldwide. She graduated from Yale with an LLM, is a former women’s rights activist and law lecturer. She is an inspirational speaker and writing mentor and takes women on writing retreats and adventures. She is married to Zed, has two teenagers and two cats.

View Joanne‘s website HERE

View Joanne‘s Facebook page HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE

Published by Jacana Media

ISBN: 9781431421503

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Road Tripping Namibia by Fiona McIntosh


Road Tripping Namibia will take you on an iconic journey through this truly beautiful country. Namibia is a land of contrasts with miles of beautiful rolling sand dunes as well as breath-taking landscapes, as well as diverse and bountiful bird and wildlife.

The book covers 15 iconic road trips, all perfectly manageable in a normal sedan, showcasing the highlights of Namibia together with great overview maps and stunning photographs.

Routes include: Namib Route, Diamond Towns and Wild Horses, Adventure Route, Ai/Ai Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, Kalahari Route, Windhoek Passes, Floral Route, ‘Twitching’ Namibia – A Birder’s Paradise, Kavango and Zambezi, Cultural Route, Kunene and the Four ‘O’s, Wildlife Route, Rocks and Rock Art, Damaraland and the Kaokoveld, Skeleton Coast – An Angler’s Paradise.

For each route you can map your driving distance, see the driving time, look at the highlights, check the driving conditions, child-friendly ratings, logistics, low-slung vehicle ratings, emergency numbers and see the author’s tips as well as when best times are to visit the area.

This book is a must-have for any adventure traveller or tourist wanting to experience the back roads throughout Namibia.

With Road Tripping Namibia travelling in Namibia becomes a journey of adventure and discovery, so hop into your car and explore Namibia as you never have before.

About the Author


A freelance photojournalist and the editor of Nightjar Travel magazine, Fiona has an enviable life of travelling and adventuring, all in the name of work.

She has driven the length and breadth of South Africa researching numerous books on hiking, scuba diving, mountain biking, flowers (yes, flowers!) and other adventures.

Follow Fiona on Twitter HERE

Published by Map Studio

ISBN: 9781770266414

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The Space Between the Space Between by John Hunt


In some ways, it all begins with a very bad day for Jethro. First, he’s attacked by an angry man who takes his good intentions the wrong way, then he’s robbed in the middle of the night by two men who try to iron out of him – literally – where he keeps his valuables. The problem is that Jethro’s valuables consist of a box of photos and other keepsakes – which only aggravates his assailants. Traumatised, he seeks counselling. With Dr Chatwin Jethro traces his bond with his best friend, Sam, the loss of his girlfriend, his encounters with the enigmatic artist Matsotso Cecilia Dumisa, and why he carries a hat, a shoe and a painting around with him everywhere.

Set in the turbulence of South Africa right now, The Space Between the Space Between tells the story of a young man trying to stay afloat as he’s assaulted by life’s cross-currents. The novel honestly and humanely portrays South Africa today without reverting to moral or political grandstanding. As Jethro ricochets through life, a story of loss, the gaining of wisdom and a little healing emerges.

About the Author


John Hunt is the founder of agency network TBWAHunt Lascaris and is currently Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA. In 1993 he was intimately involved in Nelson Mandela’s first election campaign. The author of a number of television dramas, he was named sa Playwright of the Year for Vid Alex, a play exposing censorship during the apartheid years. His book The Art of the Idea, which celebrates the power of ideas to move the world forward, has been translated into several languages.

Published by Umuzi (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781415207390

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Papwa: In the Grip of a Champion by Maxine Case


Sewsunker “Papwa” Sewgolum (1930–1978) was a South African golfer who carved a niche for himself in golfing folklore when he became the first golfer of colour to win a provincial open in South Africa (in 1963). Sewgolum, a former caddie, with his wrong-way-round grip (left hand beneath his right), beat 103 white golfers in the Natal Open at the Durban Country Club. He became a symbol of the sports boycott movement when pictures of him receiving his trophy outdoors in the rain, because, due to apartheid, he was not allowed to enter the clubhouse, were published across the world.

In 1965 he beat Gary Player to win the Natal Open for the second time. He also won the Dutch Open in 1959, 1960 and 1964. However, the dream was to be cut short. At the peak of his career, Papwa was banned by the apartheid government from participating in or attending any PGA tournaments. Crushing him further, they also withdrew his passport, denying him the right to play internationally. This slowly broke his spirit, leaving him with nothing but a dream.

This is the story of one man who triumphed against unbelievable odds, only to have his dream snatched from him. Written as fiction, this is a uniquely South African story told by a master storyteller.

The record books don’t lie. Three Dutch Opens, I repeat, three Dutch Opens in six years . . .” – Ken Schofield (Executive Director of the European Tour)

About the Author


Maxine Case is the author of All We Have Left Unsaid (Kwela Books, 2006) and her short story “Homing Pigeons” appears in the collection African Compass: New Writing from Southern Africa (New Africa Books, 2005). An excerpt from the former is included in Nice times: A Book of South African Pleasures and Delights (Double Storey, 2006).

All We Have Left Unsaid is the winner of the 2007 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book, Africa region and is the joint winner of the Herman Charles Bosman Prize 2007.

Case has written for several South African magazines and has a monthly column, “The Last Word” in Soul magazine. She has worked at a publishing company as well as an NGO in Cape Town before receiving a scholarship to study an MA in Creative Writing in New York, USA.

View Maxine‘s Facebook page HERE

Published by Kwela Books (An imprint of NB Publishers)

ISBN: 9780795707117

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Things Ewe Never Kn’ewe About South African Place Names By Ann Gadd

History with humour!

Funny facts (and fiction) about South Africa’s place names and the people who visited them, from South Africa’s most popular ‘sheep’ artist.

  • Which South African fathered over 350 kids?
  • Ever wondered how Baardskeerdersbos (‘Beard Shaver’s Bush’) got its name?
  • Who explored South Africa in the 1700s with a pet baboon as his official taster?
  • Where did the name Tietiesbaai originate?
  • What made Reverend A J Olivier name a town Reivilo?
  • Which animal is responsible for the most place names in South Africa?


Things Ewe Never Kn’ewe About South African Place Names is a humorous look at the place names of South Africa, written and illustrated by Ann Gadd. Origins, mysteries & folklore surrounding the sometimes odd names that appear on the South African landscape.

It is an entertaining and informative book that gives accurate historical content on South African place names and origins, overlaid with Ann’s offbeat humour and accompanied by her quirky sheep illustrations.

The examination of place name origins is seldom an exact science and different research can result in different opinions, which she lists. From Pearston to Pofadder, Klein Mier Nommer Een to Knapdaar, each place has a fascinating story to tell about the name origin and historical characters.

This book offers great historical content on South Africa in an accessible format. It’s a great reference every home should have or an ideal gift for family and friends.

About the Author


Ann Gadd is the author of 13 books and one of South Africa’s most popular and successful artists (with a particular fondness for sheep).

After 15 years in advertising and design, tired of having the wool pulled over her eyes, she opted out and plunged into owning a health store, writing books, being an alternative practitioner, journalism and, most of all, painting quirky sheep paintings. She also ran art workshops and was the SA National Boardsailing Champion (in her spare time) while being a mother to her two children and several animals (but sadly, no sheep).

She is responsible for creating the art movement known as Baabaaism, which reflects the social and intellectual preoccupations of sheep, using popular visual language.

In this book, she combines her ewenique ewemour with writing and her love of all things historical and South African.

View Ann‘s website HERE

View Ann‘s Facebook page HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE

Published by Map Studio

ISBN: 9781770266469

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