Seminar – Practical Advice About Publishing

For writers who have ambitions to see their work published in one format or another – or indeed several different formats, from traditional print, to, to downloadable pdf files – the route to publication can be something of a minefield.

Alison Lowry and Tracey McDonald, both of whom have many years of experience in the publishing industry, launched Get Your Book Published a few months ago, where they give writers some useful tools to help them navigate their way through that minefield by offering seminars, workshops, events and consultations on practical advice about publishing.


Whether writers are hoping for a commercial book publishing contract or are pondering the pros and cons of self-publishing, Alison and Tracey’s separate and combined guidance and expertise, and a thorough understanding of how the book world works, will give them invaluable insight to how best to go about this.

In today’s tough commercial world, there are many routes to market available to aspiring authors, but the first and most important way to have the best chance of getting there is, firstly, identifying and understanding what your own hopes and expectations are and, secondly, getting your manuscript into the best possible shape before you launch it into the world, whatever its destination.

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The date for the next seminar, The Suitcase Under the Bed – Practical Advice about Publishing for Aspirant Writers, has been set for Saturday, 21 September 2013 – click HERE for more information.


Jan Braai’s new cookbook RED HOT

The weather is heating up and it’s time to brave the outdoors and start braaing again! And just in time for the warmer weather is a new cookbook from Jan Braai called RED HOT.

Red Hot by Jan Braai

South Africa celebrates National Braai Day on 24 September every year. A day for all the citizens of South Africa to unite around braai fires with family and friends. The driving force behind this initiative is a man known as Jan Braai. In his second book, Red Hot, Jan moves beyond instructions for braaing steak, chops and wors, he challenges us to try various curry potjies, soups, chicken mayo braaibroodjies and even malva pudding and apple tart, all cooked on a fire! The recipes are new but the book has the same fantastic photos, clear and easy-to-follow recipes and Jan’s characteristic touches of braai humour.

His Jan Braai TV show is currently airing on DStv and the season runs until December ‘13.

Jan Braai - Photo

His real name is Jan Scannell and he lives to braai. He started the National Braai Day initiative in 2005 and his aim is to create a national day of celebration centred around the one activity all South Africans have in common, regardless of race, language, gender or wealth, cooking over a fire.

Jan has braaied with a wide variety of people in every corner, nook and cranny of South Africa and has travelled extensity around the world gathering knowledge and techniques for cooking great food on an open fire. For more about Jan Braai visit

‘I like T-Bone steaks, because they are in the shape of Africa.’ – Desmond Tutu, Patron of National Braai Day.

The English edition is published by Pan Macmillan SA – ISBN: 9781920434502

And it is also available in Afrikaans as Vuurwarm (published by Human & Rousseau) – ISBN: 9780798162760

Vuurwarm - Jan Braai