Sharp Edges by S.A Partridge


Six friends attend a music festival in the Cederberg. Only five come back. For her seventeenth birthday Demi Cowley invites her five closest friends to join her at a music festival for a party to end all parties. But what was supposed to be the night of their lives soon becomes a nightmare none of them will ever forget.

Sharp Edges is a topsy-turvy tale of love, loss and friendship that will stay with you long after the final page has been turned, and leaves you questioning what you really know about your friends.

Sharp Edges is S.A. Partridge’s fourth novel for young adults.

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Published by Human & Rousseau

ISBN: 9780798163262

About the author


S.A. Partridge is a young adult novelist from Cape Town whose first novel, The Goblet Club, won the English category in the You/Huisgenoot I am a Writer competition in 2007 as well as the MER Youth Prize at the M-Net Via Afrika Awards in 2008. Her critically-acclaimed style of writing is so popular with the South African youth that it was adapted into a school play entitled Gif. Her second novel Fuse was published in 2009.

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Books by S.A. Partridge

Sharp Edges, Human & Rousseau (2013) 
Dark Poppy’s Demise
, Human & Rousseau (2011)
, Human & Rousseau (2009)
The Goblet Club
, Human & Rousseau (2007)


Fuse was shortlisted for the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize 
Winner of the English category in the You/Huisgenoot I am a Writer competition in 2007 – The Goblet Club
MER-prys vir jeuglektuur (2008) – The Goblet Club
was chosen as IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) South Africa’s English nomination for the IBBY International Honour Roll 2012.