Mealtimes Made Fun by Debbie Wareham and Kim Jurgens


Mealtimes made fun is a South African cookbook targeted at the whole family. The authors are well aware of how demanding life as a working mom can be and they have tailored recipes that will appeal to babies, toddlers and the whole family. Only locally available ingredients have been used and South African favourites included.

This book follows the baby-led weaning approach and contains helpful suggestions as well as information on how to make the transition from beast milk/formula milk to solids as easy as possible for both moms and their babies. There is an in-depth section on breastfeeding as well as the right time to introduce solids. The baby-led weaning method suggests making the baby part of mealtimes and having them finger-feed from the high chair tray while the family is enjoying their meal.

Mealtimes made fun contains over 120 healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes that range from purées for baby to delicious meals for the whole family.

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Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans

About the authors

Debbie Wareham

Debbie Wareham trained at Christina Martin School of Food and Wine in Durban in 2000. She has worked as a chef at Mkuze Falls Lodge and managed a successful catering business. She recently opened a small restaurant in Durban.

Kim Jurgens


Kim Jurgens is a La Leche League Leader providing evidence-based information and support to mothers who wish to breastfeed. She has a BComm degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology through UNISA and an NDip Public Relations Management from the former Technikon Natal (now the Durban University of Technology). She has worked in the corporate world in public relations and human resources for 15 years. Kim and Debbie are sisters.

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To Catch A Cop: The Paul O’Sullivan Story by Marianne Thamm

This book is an account of Paul O’Sullivan’s role in helping to not only nail South Africa’s most powerful policeman, but also the world’s top cop. It is based on thousands of pages of emails, statements, affidavits, letters, press reports, court records and transcripts as well as interviews with O’Sullivan himself.


This version provides a perspective from his point of view as a key player in the saga. While O’Sullivan’s name consistently appears in almost every key breaking story around the Selebi matter, his role, for whatever reason, has been played down.

The Jackie Selebi story, and the satellite narratives that orbited it, is a truly remarkable chronicle that requires commitment and stamina to grasp fully. There is so much detail, so much subterfuge, lying, dishonesty and cover-up by Selebi and his cronies that it is extremely challenging and almost impossible to pick out one comprehensive, linear thread.

The drama played itself out in different layers and strata of South African society, sometimes simultaneously and often in an apparently unrelated fashion. The characters that populate the saga, apart from Jackie Selebi, include the then president of the country, his political rival, myriad crooked, corrupt businessmen, a gallery of rotten, very senior rogue cops, a phalanx of undercover intelligence operatives, two-bit hired guns, scrap metal dealers, drug and human traffickers, international criminal syndicates and a cast of thousands of common-or-garden-variety petty thugs and criminals.

“Sounds like a movie,” say most of those who have asked about this project.

Yes, but what is startling and disturbing is that this is no fairytale. Those of us who have become accustomed to the commodification of crime as “entertainment” in popular television series have this need to make sense of it by blurring fiction with chilling reality.

Paul O’Sullivan is no suave James Bond in a tuxedo, equipped with special equipment, downing his martini surrounded by a bevy of women. When dealing with criminals he can be abrasive, brusque and uncompromising. But who wouldn’t be in a world that is populated with real thugs and dangerous killers, people who kill, maim and disrupt law and order and destabilise the country? These are sociopaths and psychopaths who do not care how much harm they cause as they go about their “business”.

So, what drove or drives O’Sullivan?

Revenge? A thirst for justice?

It’s simple really. Paul O’Sullivan hates criminals and low-lifes like dogs hate flies. His long career in international law enforcement has equipped him with the intellectual and physical tools to deal with the most canny and violent of criminals. He enjoys hunting them down and, like the radioactive bite that imbues Spiderman with special powers, criminals provide O’Sullivan with an energy and a stamina that seems to grow in proportion to the challenges they present him.

His work, he says, is far from done. He is presently attempting to ensure that Czech-born fugitive, Radovan Krejcir, is extradited to his home country to face numerous charges.

 Video: Paul O’Sullivan and Marianne Thamm Discuss To Catch A Cop

About the author


Marianne Thamm has worked as a journalist, columninst, editor and author for over twenty years. Her work has appeared in a variety of local and international newspapers and magazines. She has also ghosted several books including the best-selling I Have Life – Alison’s Story and When All Else Falls Away – The Nigel Fairhead Story. She has collaborated on other publications including The Fairlady Collection – 40 Years of Fine Writing.

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Survivor by Lesley Pearse

Lesley Pearse, No.1 bestselling author of The Promise and Belle is back with Survivor, the story of Mariette, a born fighter.


It is 1938 and Mariette Carrera is a defiant, strong-willed and selfish eighteen-year-old. And sooner or later, if she stays in the small, gossipy town of Russell, New Zealand, she’ll get herself into some serious trouble. Her doting parents, Belle and Etienne, fear for her reputation. So, with the world on the brink of war, Mari leaves home on the SS Rimutaka, bound for her aunt and uncle’s house in London. Armed with the freedom she’s longed for since childhood, Mari quickly falls for Morgan, the handsome cockney steward on board ship. But once she reaches London, there are other temptations. Mari loves her new life – caught up in a whirl of dances and parties in the glittering West End, relishing her freedom as she earns her own money as a typist. Finally, she feels she is mistress of her own future. Until it is all snatched away by the war. As London endures the Blitz, Mari’s new life is cruelly blown apart. Forced from her loving new home, she ends up alone in the East End, and it’s worlds away from the London she knows. But there, even in the face of so much despair, she finds the chance to make a difference. Amidst the destruction, Mari learns that the only way to survive this war is to fight, with all the strength, selflessness and compassion within her…and only then will she find true happiness. Because Mari is a survivor…

From internationally bestselling author, Lesley PearseSurvivor is a story of bravery and love.

Courtesy of Penguin BooksRead an extract from Survivor by Lesley Pearse

About the author

Lesley Pearse_0

Lesley Pearse is one of the UK’s best-loved novelists with fans across the globe and sales of over 7 million copies of her books to date. A true storyteller and a master of gripping storylines that keep the reader hooked from beginning to end, Pearse introduces you to characters that are impossible not to care about or forget. There is no formula to her books or easily defined genre. Whether crime as in Till We Meet Again, historical adventure like Never Look Back, or the passionately emotive Trust Me, based on the true-life scandal of British child migrants sent to Australia in the post war period, she engages the reader completely.

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Brett Murray by Brett Murray

This is the ultimate book on all things Brett Murray. Spanning his entire career, Brett Murray’s book boasts both powerful imagery, and reflective texts from his, 80s cultural/struggle work, through his career to The Spear; the natural outcome of his art and reflections on injustices past and present. Featuring short introductions at the start of each body of work included, and contributions by Roger van Wyk, Michael Smith and Steve Dubin, it is an in-depth look at the artist, and the man.


In the words of Steve Dubin:

Some art soothes the soul. It makes you feel warm and tingly; you’d be at ease bringing your ouma or gogo to view it. But other types of creative work can roil one’s sensibilities, intrude in your face and burrow beneath the skin, aggravate like a pesky speck of food lodged behind a rear molar.

 Brett Murray staked out his artistic turf early in his career and has doggedly cultivated it ever since. Murray’s impatience with political correctness, and disgust with the constraints imposed by artistic gatekeepers, has scarcely been disguised. This was demonstrated by The Spear in 2012, which became the most vilified work of art ever produced in South Africa. Murray was branded “provocative”, “subversive”, “sardonic”, “bitter” and an “angry young artist”. However, what mattered was that The Spearhad transfixed the country. Art dominated the news and public discourse.  

In Brett Murray’s words:

100% I wouldn’t do it again, and 100% I would.  Because I think I have a right to do what I do, say what I say, think what I think, and I think every poet, playwright, thinking person, non-thinking person has a right to air their views as they see fit.

About the author


Brett Murray is a Pretoria-born, South African artist mostly known for his steel and mixed-media wall sculptures. He studied at the University of Cape Town Michaelis School of Fine Art where he was awarded his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1988 with distinction. From 1991 to 1994 he established the sculpture department at the University of Stellenbosch.

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Thoughts in a Makeshift Mortuary by Jenny Hobbs


1985. In a mountain village in Lesotho, a father rages as a mother weeps. Shot dead: their only daughter Rose, a teacher, and her husband Jake, an activist and poet. South Africa’s laws forced them into exile, while hooded gunmen took their lives. Amid the sorrow and commotion of funeral preparations, Rose and her parents’ evolving understanding of their turbulent country and of each other unfolds, always intimately connected with the lives of the women who worked for them. But all has not been lost: there was a survivor of the shooting. Hope.

Thoughts in a Makeshift Mortuary, Jenny Hobbs’s rich, powerful first novel, is a story about ordinary living in extraordinary times and a moving tribute to those who worked to raise a South Africa driven to its knees.

About the author


Jenny Hobbs was born in Durban. She is the author of seven novels, Thoughts in a Makeshift MortuaryThe Sweet-Smelling JasmineThe Telling of Angus QuainVideo DreamsKitchen BoyThe Miracle of Crocodile Flats and Napoleon Bones, and four works of non-fiction. She lives in Franschhoek and is the Director of the Franschhoek Literary Festival.

Courtesy of UmuziClick here to watch an interview with Jenny Hobbs about the impact of the Franschhoek Literary Festival and how she balances the running of it with her own creative work.

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Published by Umuzi (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781415203897

The Boy That Never Was by Karen Perry

You were loved and lost – then you came back . . .


Five years ago, three-year-old Dillon disappeared during a devastating earthquake in Tangiers. For his father Harry – who left him alone for ten crucial minutes – it was an unforgivable lapse. Yet Dillon’s mother Robyn has never blamed her husband: her own secret guilt is burden enough.

Now they’re trying to move on, returning home to Dublin to make a fresh start.

But their lives are turned upside down the day Harry sees an eight-year-old boy in the crowd. A boy Harry is convinced is Dillon. But the boy vanishes before he can do anything about it.

What Harry thought he saw quickly plunges their marriage into a spiral of crazed obsession and broken trust, uncovering deceits and shameful secrets. Everything Robyn and Harry ever believed in one another is cast into doubt.

And at the centre of it all is the boy that never was . . .

About the author

Karen Perry is the pseudonym for Paul Perry and Karen Gillece.

Paul Perry is the author of a number of critically acclaimed books including The Drowning of the SaintsGoldsmith’s Ghost108 MoonsThe Orchid Keeper, and most recently The Last Falcon and Small Ordinance. A winner of The Hennessy New Irish Writer of The Year Award, he is a Lecturer in Creative Writing for Kingston University, London, Writer Fellow for University College Dublin and Course Director in Poetry for the Faber Academy in Dublin.

Karen Gillece is the author of four critically acclaimed novels: Seven Nights In ZaragozaLongshore DriftMy Glass Heart and The Absent Wife, all published by Hachette Books Ireland. In 2009 she won the European Union Prize for Literature (Ireland). She lives in Dublin.

Published by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9781405912914

Get your children reading, with Exclusive Books

Calling all super parents! Do you believe in the power of reading? Take your little bookworm into any Exclusive Books store at 10am on Saturday 29 March (and Sunday 30 March at the Killarney and Melrose Arch stores).

One of South Africa’s heroes will read them a story from the fantastic Dewey’s Big Book Guide for Kids.  Exclusive Books is excited to welcome Ruda Landman, Simphiwe Dana, Zapiro, Gcina Mhlophe, Tony Leon, Catherine Grenfell from 5FM, Jenny Crwys-Williams from Talk Radio 702, Jaco Jacobs, Fanie Viljoen, Katlego Maboe from Expresso, Eloise Pretorius from Smile FM and others to their stores for Dewey’s League.

To find out who will be reading at each of the stores, please visit or follow Exclusive Books on Twitter (@exclusivescoza) or like their Facebook page (

There is no entry fee, but please take along some stationery (it will be donated to a local charity). With Human Rights Day on 21 March, Exclusive Books would like to share the message that every child has the right to read!

The Dewey’s League books are about more than good marks or homework assignments. The books in this guide are the stepping-stones that will lead your child into the magical world of reading for fun, while improving their literacy level. After all, there’s no such thing as a child that doesn’t like stories – just a child that hasn’t found the perfect book yet.

Dewey League Poster for Exclusive Books



Indentured: Behind the scenes at Gupta TV by Rajesh Sundaram

The scene: An Indian television journalist is drafted in to lead the setting up of a new 24/7 television news channel in South Africa. The goal: To create a world class news product.


This is the story of the three months Rajesh Sundaram, along with a small team of Indian television professionals, took to launch what was to be the biggest news channel in South Africa. However, this launch was not without its wide range of challenges, catastrophes and social media entertainment. From capricious, micro-managing owners who had a political and commercial agenda to the shocking abuse of staff and violation of laws, finally resulting in a tempestuous and very public parting of ways, Indentured is the true story behind the launch of ANN7 – better known as Gupta TV. This is behind the scenes, disclosing a range of delicious stories about the Gupta brothers, and their relationship with Number 9. And yes; you’ll be told exactly why he is called Number 9.

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ISBN: 9781431409921