By Any Means by Kurt Ellis


Kyle lives with his cousins Captain and Jimmy in his aunt’s matchbox house in Sydenham. While Kyle dreams of a football career, Captain is the gang leader of the Godfathers – his goal to save his cousins and his community from poverty by any means necessary. But his ambitions puts him in conflict with men far more ruthless than he is…

About the Author

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Kurt Ellis was born in 1983 in Sydenham, Durban. He escaped into the world of fiction from an early age. After he matriculated Kurt moved to Johannesburg to study English Literature. He won the Harry Oppenheimer Creative Writing award at Wits in his first year, before pursuing a career in sales. He kept on writing through it all, and his dream is that one day his child would walk into a book store and see his name on the shelf or even in the R5 discount bin. He still lives in Johannesburg with his wife and daughter.

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ISBN: 9780798166003

The Somme Chronicles by Chris Schoeman


‘The heavy smell of blood filled the air, and every moment you had this intense fear that the next bullet was meant for you.’ So remembered William Thorne, a South African volunteer soldier who fought in the muddy trenches along the River Somme in France on Europe’s Western Front. A boy of nineteen at the time, he was one of thousands of South Africans who took part in the 1916 Somme Offensive between the Allied forces and the Germans. It was one of the bloodiest and costliest conflicts of the First World War, resulting in over a million deaths.

The men of the 1st South African Infantry Brigade were involved on a large scale and distinguished themselves in all major engagements during the campaign. But their bravery came at a price. In the first month alone, after six days of fighting to recapture the village of Longueval and clear Delville Wood of enemy soldiers, of the brigade’s 3 433 soldiers, only 750 were left standing. The rest were dead or wounded. By the armistice, the South Africans had suffered some 15 000 casualties in France, of which one third had died.

On the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, The Somme Chronicles tells the gripping stories of the men of the 1st South African Infantry Brigade via their letters and diaries, providing an invaluable, human account of one of history’s most devastating conflicts.

About the Author


Chris Schoeman was born in Somerset East and has master’s degrees in history from the universities of Port Elizabeth and Colorado State. He has worked as a historian and journalist, and has authored and co-authored several books. These include District Six: The Spirit of Kanala, Boer Boy: Memoirs of an Anglo-Boer War Youth, Brothers in Arms: Hollanders in the Anglo-Boer War, Angels of Mercy: Foreign Women in the Anglo-Boer War, Churchill’s South Africa and The Historical Karoo.

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ISBN: 9781770226760

Garden of Dreams by Melissa Siebert

Melissa Siebert - Garden of Dreams HR

In this epic, cross-cultural and cinematic novel, a boy’s coming-of-age saga collides with the sordid underworlds of child trafficking in India and Nepal. When he starts his journey in the fantastical desert city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, thirteen year old Eli de Villiers is bound by his parents’ estrangement, and by the otherwise ordinary life he leads in Cape Town.

He longs for his parents to reunite, for a whole family. But when he finds himself inside a brothel on Delhi’s infamous GB Road, at the mercy of the diabolical madam and child trafficker Auntie Lakshmi, his world expands exponentially. Eventually escaping with other children, Eli leads them – with Lakshmi’s henchmen on their heels – north towards Nepal, to deliver them to safety and to find his father, an international mediatorm posted in Kathmandu.

The children travel through the surreal landscapes of India and the jungles of southern Nepal. Also in pursuit are the irrepressible Inspector VJ Gupta, head of the Child Crimes Unit in Delhi and Lakshmi’s nemesis; and Anton de Villiers, Eli’s father, who seeks out Maoist rebels in the jungle to help find his son.Eli’s mother, Margo, has abdicated and run off to the drugged-out beaches of Kerala in a haze of self-destruction. Evocative, thought provoking and compassionate, Garden of Dreams explores the inevitable tension between loving ‘one’s own’ and loving strangers desperately needing love.

Courtesy of Penguin BooksRead an extract of Garden of Dreams by Mellisa Siebert

About the Author

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An award-winning journalist, American-born Melissa Siebert has covered a vast mix of stories in South Africa and abroad. She’s been based in Cape Town for most of the last twenty-five years, working for various local publications; co-running Ubuntu Productions, a documentary company; and co-directing the Media Peace Centre, an NGO that develops media projects to help manage and transform conflict. She has also taught journalism at UCT and writing at Harvard. Garden of Dreams is her first novel.

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 Published by Penguin Books 

ISBN: 9780143538707

The South African Book Fair 13 – 15 June


The South African Book Fair is the largest public celebration of the written word in sub-Saharan Africa.

From 13-15 June 2014 they will be bringing writers and thinkers from across the country and the world together to rub shoulders with you, the readers, in a not-to-be-missed literary celebration. Join them in welcoming some of the biggest names in South African writing, publishing, politics, television, radio, art, theatre, and sport.


SABF Programme Highlights

  • Over 120 events, catering for booklovers of all interests, aged 3 to 93
  • Over 100 authors, illustrators, storytellers, book critics, expert speakers and leading thinkers.
  • A range of events from puppet shows to book launches, in depth panel-discussions and book club brunches to cocktails in the bar.
  • A veritable feast of voices: speakers, panelists, academics and attendees. This diverse line-up includes: Professor Njabulo Ndebele, Judge Edwin Cameron, Dr Xolela Mangcu, author Deon Meyer, analyst Prince Mashele, businessman Victor Kgomoeswana, bestselling author Susan Lewis, storyteller Sindiwe Magona, award-winning Setswana author Sabata-Mpho Mokae, historian Hazel Crampton, sports-analyst Marco Botha and legendary chef Karen Dudley.

Not to be Missed

  • Rolling up our sleeves: Engaging, serious and thought-provoking debates about some of the current issues that our leading thinkers are tackling – Twenty years of democracy: looking back to look forward, Rholihlaha means trouble maker – translation and its troubles, Muslims in the South African imagination, Are Trout South African? Who belongs in SA? And more….
  • What’s on your mind? Debates and talks around the hot issues that face us today with contemporary and outspoken voices having their say – The justice system with Judge Edwin Cameron and Vusi Pikoli, the truth is stranger than fiction, some of the eye-popping true stories that have rocked our world like the Griekwastad murders and the Grand Slam, a look at educating children in the 21st Century with some of the country’s top school principals, why Africans do not buy books written in African languages, the daily reality of doctors and nurses in South Africa by a doctor who walked away….
  • Bestselling author Susan Lewis: Don’t miss author Susan Lewis chatting about life, love and everything in between. Perfect for book club babes!
  • Stories to inspire and entertain you: From street to stage with musician Larry Joe, “I don’t know how she does it” – the workings of working moms with Lauren Liebenberg, mother tongue magic with award-winning Setswana author Sabata-Mpho Mokae, and the power of the positive story with highly successful publisher of Awesome SA…
  • Getting published: A must for aspirant writers and publishers, this series offers workshops and presentations on everything from proofreading to translation, illustration to creative writing. Find out how successful writers write for foreign audiences and how to shoot the lights out with book sales. Also part of the programme is writing and illustration workshops for teens.
  • A splendiferous children’s line up: Storytelling, show-and-tell, book-inspired craft activities, pirate and princess high tea on the high seas, book breakfasts, puppet shows, and of course a visit from larger-than-life book characters – Peter Rabbit, Spot the Dog, Maisy Mouse, Wally, and the inimitable Gruffalo!


  • The Future of the Book: Exploring new ways of reading, writing and selling books
  • Education: E-learning, the classroom of the future, the maths challenge and multilingual classrooms
  • The vibrant Afrikaans literary world: Meet authors Chanette Paul, Deon Meyer, Steve Hofmeyer and more

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Love Tastes Like Strawberries by Rosamund Haden

Love Tastes Like Strawberries (Final)

Stella stares at the painting on the therapist’s wall. A road winds along a mountainside above an azure sea. The slopes of the mountain are covered in olive trees. Small white boats bob on the shimmering water at the foot of cliffs.

Stella is lost in the painting. She can smell the herbs in the bush, wild thyme and something sweeter. She is running down a steep path to a cove below. On holiday in Greece. Thirteen. Awkward, in between everything …

Ivor Woodall is dead. And, somehow, it’s all Stella’s fault. Because in Stella’s life the past is still very much alive. Her holiday in Greece. The young art student who charmed his way into her mother’s bed. What she saw that morning on the beach.

It all adds up to Ivor’s death. And Timothy being lost. And Francoise and Luke. Luke being more lost than anyone …

About the Author


Rosamund Haden is one of South Africa’s most talented and prolific authors. Perhaps best known for her debut novel The Tin Church – which was published to international acclaim – Ros has spent the last decade producing short stories, children’s books, teen novels and scripts for television. Some of her more recent projects include: My Name is Honore – a collaboration with Honore Muneza, a Rwandan refugee – published by Pearson. Time Twisters – a tween novel written under the pseudonym Sam Roth (with Dorothy Dyer) – published by Penguin South Africa. Broken Promises and Sugar Daddy – two YA novels written for the popular Harmony High series – published by Cover2Cover Books.

Aside from her writing, Ros is co-founder and publisher at Cover2Cover Books and the content developer for the FunDza Literacy Trust. In 2013 FunDza was named as one of the top ten most innovative companies in education in the world and has attracted support both locally and from abroad for its commitment to improving literacy levels with programmes that get South African teens and young adults reading and writing.

Ros lives in Cape Town with her son, Mo.

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Published by Kwela Books (An imprint of NB Publishers)

ISBN: 9780795706639