Rocks by Marco Broccardo

You will find a real life, gritty account of drug addiction in the pages of ROCKS – One Man’s Climb from Drugs to Dreams. It will take you on a journey – from the despair of being rock bottom to the elation of the mountain-tops of Kilimanjaro.


Says Marco: ‘I am not recovering. I am recovered. You, too, can be a recovered addict.

Imagine going from schoolboy experimentation with drugs to being so addicted that you begin planning your parents’ murder so that you can get money (for more drugs) from your inheritance! Sadly Marco’s story is not an isolated one.

Marco was an ordinary boy from an ordinary family. He had parents who loved him and provided him with a safe and caring home. He had older sisters who doted on their little brother. He had friends and he played sport at school. When he experimented with weed and then with coke and ecstasy, he was no different from the circle he socialised with and partied with at weekends. Drugs made him feel great. What was the harm?

The trouble came when supply and demand were out of balance and a harmless joint and a couple of pills no longer did the trick. Marco needed cash – more and more of it. He became a runner for the dealers who operated in the clubs where Joburg teenagers went to party. He had money and he had drugs. Life seemed good. Then two things happened: he found he was consuming more of the druglords’ stock than he was selling, and he discovered crack cocaine. The moment of choice came in no more than a heartbeat. For him it was a no brainer. Marco chose rocks. 

From that moment on he cast everything and everyone aside in his ruthless pursuit of his next high. He took his family to the brink of financial ruin and emotional despair; he lied his way through rehabs and halfway houses; he used every genuine offer of help as opportunities to plan his next spectacular relapse; and he dismissed several close calls with death as signs that he just needed to be more careful next time. He didn’t care. Chasing the high was his only mission in life, no matter who or what he destroyed in the process.

Until the day he made the dramatic and life-altering decision to change. How he did it and what he has done with his life since then are nothing short of miraculous.

This is Marco’s story.

The official book trailer for Rocks


Marco is donating all royalties earned on the sales of his book to the non-profit organisation that he founded, called MOUNTAIN HEIGHTS. To read more about Mountain Heights, and the work that they do to help addicts recover, click HERE.

Marco Broccardo will be launching his book Rocks – One Man’s Climb from Drugs to Dreams on the 5th of November ’14 at Skoobs in MonteCasino (18h00 for 18h30), and you are invited.


About the Author


Marco and his wife, Catherine, have two sons and a daughter. His favourite thing in the world is spending time with his family. He also enjoys reading a good book, PC gaming (Starcraft and Call of Duty in particular) and building remote control model airplanes.

Marco founded Eurocom, a mobile marketing company and specialist prize sourcing and fulfilment company, in 2005. An entrepreneur at heart, sales is Marco’s forte. He began his sales career as an external sales manager in the banking industry. He then became sales manager of a mobile marketing company, after which he opened the doors of his own company, Eurocom.

Although Marco enjoys being at home, he also loves the outdoors, especially extreme sports such as walking across the desert, scuba diving and climbing mountains.

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ISBN: 9780620601696

Esther’s House by Carol Campbell


Esther Gelderblom has been waiting for a house for twenty years. In the bitter Oudtshoorn winter she and her friend Katjie queue to ask when their names will finally appear on the government’s list of housing recipients. Esther dreams of a home for her daughter Liedjie, who plays the keyboard for the Bless Me Jesus church, and for her husband, Neville, who will then get his life in order.

But corruption is rife as housing officials manipulate the list for favours. When Katjie’s shack burns down, the two women take matters into their own hands, occupying two empty houses and setting in motion events that will compromise everything they hold dear.

Esther’s House is a story of greed, power, and the fight for what is right when good people are pushed too far.


About the Author


Author of the highly acclaimed novel My Children Have Faces, Carol Campbell is a journalist who has worked for the Argus, the Cape Times and the Mercury. She currently lives in Durban with her family.

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Sense Of Taste by Peter Ayub


In his flagship book, foodie icon chef Peter Ayub holds back nothing. He shares the experience of 22 years of fine cooking and the lessons learnt whilst serving the famous and the well-informed. This is distilled food knowledge, combined with loads of passion and delight in the joys of cooking. 

Chef Peter takes the reader by the hand and starts from the beginning: sourcing the best produce. This he follows with step-by-step advice as he shows us how to prepare delicious dishes. His food is easily prepared and has great taste without any confusing and clashing flavours.

Chapters includes; chicken, beef, pork, lamb, venison, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy and organic produce. 

Chef Peter also suggests the perfect accompaniments to each of the above ingredients, such as serving yoghurt, sage and tarragon with chicken.

About the Author


Chef Peter”, as Peter Ayub is known, is head chef and owner of Sense of Taste, one of South Africa’s most distinguished catering companies. He has cooked for the late Nelson Mandela, for Jacob Zuma, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Ruby Wax, as well as numerous international sport teams.

He is also a regular contributor to magazines such as TASTE and Food & Home, and has a slot on the TV programme Espresso. Ayub has also appeared on Morning Live.

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Published by Human & Rousseau (An imprint of NB Publishers)

ISBN: 9780798156547

tashas by Natasha Sideris


In this cookbook Natasha Sideris, a passionate cook, creator and founder of tashas restaurants, shares some of her favourite recipes and the most popular dishes from the café menus.

This is a celebration of uncomplicated but delicious food, inspired by wonderful ingredients and the joy of sharing with friends and family. Here you will find all the classics you love and more, from Salmon Fish Cakes and Parmesan Chicken Couscous to summer-fresh salads and hearty winter warmers like the famous tashas Chicken Pot Pie.

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About the Author


Natasha Sideris the creator and founder of the successful tashas restaurants. Natasha opened the first tashas in Atholl, Johannesburg in 2005. Since partnering with Famous Brands in 2008, another twelve tashas have opened countrywide and more recently, one in Dubai.

Natasha is a passionate cook with a talent for interior design, reflected in her beautiful, diverse restaurants. tashas: Timeless Café Classics is her first cookbook.

Published by Jonathan Ball

ISBN: 9781868422661

Bollywood Blonde by Gené Gualdi


Bubbly fine arts graduate Gené is desperate to get into the film industry. She moves to Cape Town and works as a photographer for a tabloid magazine. Gené starts moonlighting on film sets and finds herself on an Indian paint commercial where a big Bollywood producer offers her a six-month stint in his company in Mumbai. Unable to resist the lure and glamour of working in film and travelling the world business class, she leaps at the opportunity and soon finds herself on a plane headed for India. 

But there is no free curry in Mumbai. On arrival she realises she is expected to sleep with the producer, and slips into an uneasy, culturally challenging role as his new firangi girlfriend. 

The producer soon insists on transforming Gené into a size-6 blonde who he can show off on the red carpet. He puts her on a gruelling diet and stringent exercise regime. Once a teenage anorexic, this pushes all her deepest buttons of insecurity around her fraught body issues. Even though he is twice her age, overweight and often rude, she becomes obsessed with him, and is soon convinced that he is cheating on her. She goes on an all-out mission to make him love her. 

When it becomes clear the producer no longer wants her, she manipulates her way into turning her six-month work stint into a six-year epic stay. In her first year there, she works on 96 commercials and gets drawn into the rich cultural textures of India, experiencing India in a way rarely written about. With access to the who’s who in Bollywood, she rubs shoulders with India’s most famous glitterati, including the great Bly Avibath, India’s most famous actor.

Gené also becomes close to Bollywood’s top director, Kiran, and they dream about making the film of her life, together. 

After a traumatic night with the producer in a London hotel, she realises it’s time to leave India and come home. Although she continues to return to Bollywood over the next few years to do films with her hero Bly Avibath, who insists that she work with him, the producer now has little hold over her. 

On the last film that Gené does with Bly she tells him about her dream to tell her story. He surprises her by buying her a MacBook Pro, which she ends up using to write this book.


Image by: Picture:MOELETSI MABE 

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ISBN: 9781920601447

The Best of African Folklore by Phyllis Savory


Africa has a wonderfully rich store of folk tales that have been passed down from one generation to the next. There are stories about how the world came into being, stories that tell of the relationships between human beings and between man and his environment, and of the lessons to be learned from everyday experience. The tales are like the fairy tales told all over the world, but they have a strong African flavour that is as real as the smell of rain on hot earth.

Now in a revised format with an updated cover, The Best of African Folklore takes the reader into an enchanted world where animals can talk and humans are often changed into different forms, where magic is commonplace and reality is turned delightfully on its head. Despite numerous setbacks, things usually turn out all right in the end. Wicked and greedy people (and animals) come off worst and the good receive their just rewards. The gods are stern but fair, and every story has a moral for those who are wise enough to see it. 

About the Author

The late Phyllis Savory was a well-established collector and reteller of African tales. This, her last collection of folklore, comprises 39 stories drawn from all parts of southern Africa and further afield. Illustrated with detailed drawings by Gina Daniel, it will delight adults as well as children. True to the spirit of African stories, the tales are especially suitable for reading aloud.

Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781432303426

The Missing Piece by Kevin Lings


The Missing Piece is an important contribution to the debate on how best to address the structural problems that have plagued the South African economy. Kevin Lings not only documents the many social and economic achievements of the post-apartheid government, but identifies the key areas in which the country has not performed adequately and suggests some potential solutions.’

– DR SIBUSISO SIBISI, CEO, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

At the time of South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994 it was clear that the structure of the economy had to change and that land ownership, employment opportunities and access to essential services had to match more closely the needs of the entire population.

The Missing Piece: Solving South Africa’s Economic Puzzle explores various aspects of the South African economy over the past 20 years – what has worked and what has fallen short. It also looks into the next 20 years to see what needs to be done in order to put together the four pieces of our economy identified by Kevin Lings that will allow us to complete the puzzle and place South Africa on a higher potential growth path. This involves focusing on business development, redressing education policies, improving the use of technology, addressing our infrastructural backlog and developing a closer relationship with the rest of Africa.

The practical policy proposals in The Missing Piece set it apart from other titles on the South African economy, while providing an accessible and comprehensive overview of the pertinent issues.

The Missing Piece – Solving South Africa’s Economic Puzzle


About the Author

Kevin Lings

KEVIN LINGS has been the chief economist at STANLIB for the past 13 years and has analysed the South African economy for the past 25 years. As a core member of the STANLIB investment team, his economic research and assessments directly inform the company’s asset investment strategy. This is his first book.

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Published by Pan Macmillan South Africa

ISBN: 9781770103764

My Lion’s Heart by Gareth Patterson


Gareth Patterson’s long-awaited autobiography My Lion’s Heart is a moving account of one man’s single-minded dedication to the preservation of Africa’s wildlife. It is also a stark reminder that if the human race does not want to lose Africa’s priceless wild heritage there is no time to waste.

Says Gareth: ‘My Lion’s Heart is my tenth book, and is probably the most important book I have written. It tells my life story, a story of tears and smiles, about my attempts to greater protect the iconic animal symbol of this continent, the African lion.’

Environmentalist, independent researcher and author, Gareth has spent his entire adult life working tirelessly for the greater protection of African wildlife and, more particularly, for that of the lion. Born in England in 1963, Gareth grew up in Nigeria and Malawi.

From an early age he knew where his life’s path would take him – it would be in Africa, and his life’s work would be for the cause of the African wilderness and its wild inhabitants. His is an all-encompassing African story. From his childhood in West and East Africa to his study of a threatened lion population in a private reserve in Botswana to his work with George Adamson, celebrated as the ‘Lion Man’ of Africa, we witness Gareth’s growing commitment to his life’s mission.

This is nowhere more evident than in his account of his life as a human member of a lion pride, experiencing life and death through its eyes, as he successfully rehabilitated three famous orphaned lion cubs back into a life in the wilds. At considerable risk to his own personal safety, he exposed the sordid canned lion ‘industry’ in South Africa, bringing this shameful practice to international attention. After moving to the Western Cape he took up the fight for the African elephant, notably the unique endangered Knysna population, and published his astonishing findings in his 2009 book The Secret Elephants.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the stressful nature of his work, Gareth suffered a massive physical and mental breakdown in his forties, which he discusses here for the first time with an openness that underlines his courage. Lesser men might have been broken, but his ‘lion’s heart’ fought back and he ultimately overcame his illness.

View the official book trailer below, and watch it twice – the first time round read the words, the second time round listen to the lyrics of the song.

Gareth Patterson will be launching his autobiography My Lion’s Heart – A Life for the Lions of Africa on Thursday the 23rd of October, at 18h30


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About the Author


Gareth Patterson is known internationally for his efforts to greater protect the lions and elephants of Africa. His wildlife work has featured widely in the media, books and in documentaries. His books have been published in many editions and languages worldwide.

Patterson was the recipient of the Operation Survival Award and of the prestigious Cape Times Environmental Award. He has been an adjudicator for the SAB Environmental Journalist of the Year Awards.

The Search for the Knysna Elephants, a documentary about Patterson‘s findings on the remarkable Knysna elephants, has been screened internationally by Animal Planet.  He is continuing his research on the elephants, as well as undertaking field work on the existence of another mysterious denizen of the southern Cape, the previously unknown about coastal leopards.

A highly self-motivated person who lives by the adage ‘Never give up’, Patterson delivers inspiring presentations and talks drawn from his life and experiences.

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Published by Tracey McDonald Publishers

ISBN: 9780620601337

Perfect Parties by Janet Kohler


Perhaps readers have reached that point in their lives where they’d really love to entertain their friends with a little more flair and sophistication, but feel quite intimidated by the prospect. Maybe their children are nagging them to arrange really fun birthday parties for them, but the very thought has the parents quaking. Possibly someone is getting married and would love a beautiful wedding reception but simply can’t stretch the budget to an expensive wedding planner or caterer. 

Janet Kohler is a perfectionist with an attention to detail that is quite breathtaking. With the assistance of stylist extraordinaire Penelope Mitchell, in Perfect Parties she presents a dazzling array of  inspirational party ideas, complemented by delicious recipes. She also guides the reader through every aspect of a party, whether it’s a birthday, engagement, picnic, baby shower, wedding or high tea, or just the family Christmas celebration. From choosing a theme; through décor and preparation countdowns; right down to the step-by-step recipes – it’s all there, lavishly illustrated with beautiful photography.

Click HERE to find out more about the book and to view some page spreads.  

About the Author


Originally an economist, Janet Kohler decided to follow her heart and train as a cordon bleu chef, but now as a stay-at-home mother of young children, she runs her own cookery school from her home in Durban.

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ISBN: 9781432303167

Here Comes the Snake in the Grass by Eric Miyeni


Did Mandela work for nothing?’
‘Mr Sushi comes to town’
‘Give me a corrupt black any day’

These are just some of Eric Miyeni’s newspaper columns and opinion pieces, which have earned him friends and enemies alike. Known for his straight-talking frankness, his views on subjects ranging from politics and travel to big business and sport elicit strong responses.

Here Comes the Snake in the Grass is a selection of Eric Miyeni’s columns and occasional writings covering a variety of topics, from Julius Malema, Oprah Winfrey and Brenda Fassie to the value of radio, the true cost of crime, the need for excellence in South Africa and the difficulty of finding love in the modern world. Some of the writings in this collection court controversy, addressing issues many want hidden from view; others provide glimpses of the writer’s softer side. All show why Eric Miyeni’s is an unmistakeable voice in the South African media.

Alternately hard-hitting and personal, rousing and funny, Here Comes the Snake in the Grass is an entertaining and informative look at the South African cultural landscape.

About the Author


Eric Miyeni is an actor, writer and filmmaker. He is best known for his roles as Darryl Malgas in the tv series Molo Fish and as Absalom Khumalo in the movie Cry, the Beloved Country. He has written four works of non-fiction, including the bestselling The Only Black at a Dinner Party, and a novel, The Release. In 2010 he produced, co-wrote and co-directed the documentary Mining for Change: A Story of South African Mining. He lives in Johannesburg.

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Published by Umuzi (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781415207055