The Greatest Springbok Teams by Adam Hathaway

We live and breathe rugby. This book celebrates the Springbok teams that really knew how to pump the air into our rugby lungs – the greatest South African rugby teams ever.


Inside these pages are profiles and statistics of the players and teams who smashed the All Blacks and Australia in their own backyards in 1937, the conquerors of Europe in 1951/52, those who faced the hungry British Lions in 1924, 1980 and 2009, the Boks who lifted the World Cup in 1995 and 2007, plus many other great sides.

The teams featured are the best of the best.  From 1924 to the present day, from the amateur players of old who went to fight in the World Wars to the modern professionals who moved into business or became TV pundits, the author delves deep to find out what happened to the unforgettable names who made up these great sides. And what does it really mean to be part of one of those great Springbok teams?

The book includes interviews with Morné du Plessis, Rob Louw, Victor Matfield and John Smit, who reveal what’s behind the magic of the green and gold. The Greatest Springbok Teams – Past to Present celebrates those Springbok teams that have become truly immortal in the eyes of their fans – it is a must-have for every rugby library.

About the Author

Adam Hathaway is an international rugby writer who has written for publications around the world. He has covered more than 10 rugby tours, including the last three World Cups, and has written about every major rugby nation.

He is the former rugby correspondent for the News of the World in London and currently writes about rugby for the Sunday People.

Adam is the chairman of the Rugby Union Writers’ Club and has co-authored A Fan’s Guide to World Rugby and The Little Book of Rugby, and he has contributed to other books, including Behind the Lions and The Rugby Revolution.

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Mission to South Africa by Robin Renwick


An insider’s blow-by-blow account of the release of Nelson Mandela and dismantling of apartheid by the ambassador who was in the midst of these events. Appointed to South Africa as Margaret Thatcher’s envoy, Lord Renwick became a personal friend of Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk and Mangosuthu Buthelezi, acting as a trusted intermediary between them. He describes meetings with PW Botha, warning him against military attacks on the neighbouring countries and arguing for lives of the Sharpeville Six, as ‘like visiting Hitler in his bunker’. He persuaded Margaret Thatcher to descend on Windhoek in support of the Namibia agreement. His close relationship with FW de Klerk helped him to get international support for his reforms. On the eve of his epoch-making speech to Parliament of 2 February 1990, De Klerk told him: ‘You can tell your Prime Minister she will not be disappointed’.

He paints a vivid portrait of Mandela (‘far wilier, and a bit less saintly than others have portrayed him’), describing his meetings with him immediately after his release, inviting him to his first meal in a restaurant in Johannesburg for 27 years, rehearsing him for his meeting with Margaret Thatcher – and telling Thatcher that she must not interrupt him! The iron lady warmed to her visitor, but told him to ‘stop all this nonsense about nationalisation’. The Mandela charm worked no less effectively on the Queen, who he took to calling ‘Elizabeth’ and persuaded to dance with him in the royal box in the Albert Hall.

About the Author


Lord Renwick of Clifton was British ambassador to South Africa during the period leading up to the release of Nelson Mandela. On leaving South Africa, on the proposal of Helen Suzman, he was awarded an honorary degree by the University of the Witwatersrand for services to the struggle against apartheid. Previously, he was adviser to Lord Carrington during the Lancaster House negotiations, which ended the Rhodesia conflict, and to Lord Soames as the last governor of Rhodesia. He served subsequently as British ambassador to the United States.

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ISBN: 9781868426546

Baking For Pleasure & Profit by Christine Capendale


This book is for anyone who bakes and sells or simply wants to learn the tips and tricks from a professional. Chapter one is about the business part of home baking. There are more than 90 unique recipes with variations and creative ideas to help turn them into signature products. It contains short cuts, tips, and proven results rarely found anywhere.

Recipes suitable for home industries, catering and farmers markets.

Also available in Afrikaans: Bak vir pret & profyt

About the Author


Christine Capendale is a great lover of food, and loves few things as much as sharing her passion with the rest of us. She is a trained chef and well-known for her cooking classes in Langebaan, where she made the most of the extraordinary West Coast produce and generously shared her secrets with her students.

Her food philosophy is that we can eat delicious food every day of the year. We do not need to get stuck in a routine with tired old recipes – we can cook wonderful and adventurous food without expensive ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen.

Today, Christine lives in Cape Town and Pretoria, where she continues to share her passion for delicious food by teaching and writing about cookery. She has recently opened a food studio at her home in Plattekloof.

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The Utopia Experiment by Dylan Evans


In 2007 Dr Dylan Evans, a respected behavioural psychologist, and an expert on robots and artificial intelligence, was sectioned at a hospital in Aberdeen. The following morning he sat at breakfast with six other psychiatric inmates – one of whom was heavily tattooed and sporting bleeding knuckles – musing on the etiquette of introducing himself to his fellow patients. Was it OK to ask them why they were there? Should he explain his own story?

The Utopia Experiment is Dylan Evans’s account of how he abandoned his life in 2006, sold his house in the Cotswolds and its contents, and moved to the Black Isle in Scotland to found a self-sufficient community in a remote valley, with a group of acolytes he had recruited on-line. The project was called the Utopia Experiment, and the idea was to attempt to imagine, through real-life roleplaying, the conditions that might exist in the aftermath of society’s collapse.

As the months went by, what began as an experiment became deadly earnest. Factions formed with different views about the future of the human race, and competition and fighting broke out. The yurts they lived in leaked rain. The vegetables they farmed wouldn’t grow. Dylan began to fear for his sanity, and then his life.

This is the story of Evans’s experiment in Utopia, but also an examination of the millenarian impulse – why do these doomsday scenarios fascinate us? Is there any sensible way we can prepare for the worst?


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Tea: 60 teas to revitalise and restore by Margaret Roberts


Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. It can be drunk hot or cold, and can be made from the traditional tea plant or any number of herbs and spices, many of which have remarkable healing properties.

In this beautifully designed book, herb expert Margaret Roberts explains how to make a perfect, delicious cup of tea that is also healing and refreshing.

The teas are presented in alphabetical order according to their principal ingredient, the therapeutic values of which are explained.This charming, informative book is perfect for anyone interested in health, wellness, and using natural remedies to enhance their wellbeing.

About the Author


Margaret Roberts is a household name, having made her mark in the world of health and gardening. She pursues her passion for all things natural that can uplift, heal and inspire, by creating gardens, teaching about the wonders of herbs and developing medicinal and nutritional plants at her Herbal Centre in Magaliesberg. She has published many books and articles on how to ensure good health naturally.

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When I was a Fish by Mike Bruton


This fast-paced, highly readable book not only recounts the extraordinary life of Mike Bruton, one of the leading fish biologists in Africa, but also explores and discusses the various issues and topics in which he was involved as a scientist, conservationist and science educator. Through funny, peculiar and sometimes alarming episodes during his career, Bruton shows that an aquatic scientist’s life is a story worth telling!

He became obsessed with fish during his early childhood and carried this passion with him throughout his career. Bruton was born in the town where the first living coelacanth was discovered and studied at Rhodes University in South Africa at the same time as the great ichthyologist, Professor JLB Smith, who described ‘old fourlegs’. He subsequently became Director of the Ichthyology Institute established in Smith’s name and pioneered searches for the coelacanth off the coast of southern Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean using the German research submersible, ‘Jago’. Together with colleagues from South Africa, the USA, Canada and Germany he made many new discoveries on the biology of this extraordinary fish and campaigned internationally for its conservation.


Mike’s research on the freshwater fish of Africa and the Middle East lead to entanglements with crocodiles, hippopotami, giant snakes and military operations but also allowed him to contribute to international efforts to conserve wetlands and endangered species. He also made major contributions to our understanding of the ways in which fish are adapted to their watery environments and how they made that epic evolutionary transition from water onto land. Whether or not you are a fisherman, aquarist or sushi eater, you will be fascinated by these astonishing tales of a man who almost became a fish!

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ISBN: 9781431420575

The Missing and The Dead by Stuart MacBride


One mistake can cost you everything…

When you catch a twisted killer there should be a reward, right? What Acting Detective Inspector Logan McRae gets instead is a ‘development opportunity’ out in the depths of rural Aberdeenshire. Welcome to divisional policing – catching drug dealers, shop lifters, vandals and the odd escaped farm animal.

Then a little girl’s body washes up just outside the sleepy town of Banff, kicking off a massive manhunt. The Major Investigation Team is up from Aberdeen, wanting answers, and they don’t care who they trample over to get them.

Logan’s got enough on his plate keeping B Division together, but DCI Steel wants him back on her team. As his old colleagues stomp around the countryside, burning bridges, Logan gets dragged deeper and deeper into the investigation.

One thing’s clear: there are dangerous predators lurking in the wilds of Aberdeenshire, and not everyone’s going to get out of this alive…

About the Author


Stuart MacBride is the No 1 bestselling author of the Logan McRae series and the Ash Henderson novels.

The McRae novels have won him the CWA’s Dagger in the Library, the Barry Award for Best Debut Novel, and Best Breakthrough Author at the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards. In 2012 Stuart was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Hall of Fame.

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Triumphs and Heartaches by Mosibudi Mangena


Mosibudi Mangena has been a life-long member of AZAPO, which, in earlier years, led to his incarceration on Robben Island (from 1973 to 1978). After his release, he fled into exile in 1981, spending time in Botswana and Zimbabwe, before returning to South Africa in 1992.

Triumphs and Heartaches provides fascinating insight into Mangena’s varied life, including his time as the leader of AZAPO and his service in government as the Deputy Minister of Education and then the Minister of Science and Technology, in which capacity he was responsible for the development of the South African 10-year Innovation Plan; the launch of the South African Space Programme and making the bid for the SKA (Square Kilometre Array); the commissioning of the South African Micro Satellite and the Sumbandile Sat; and winning and launching the African component of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

‘We are a people with a painful history, littered with many periods of difficulties and sorrow. And yet, at every turn, we mobilised one another and fought, only to emerge stronger at the other end. There is no reason why we cannot defeat corruption, and thereby strengthen our ability to tackle poverty, inequality, poor education, landlessness and crime.’– Mosibudi Mangena in Triumphs and Heartaches

About the Author


Mosibudi Mangena is an academic, a previously published author and anti-apartheid activist who has contributed to South Africa in significant ways by serving the country in various fields. Mangena’s previous books include My Grand Mother is Permanent (2004); A Twin World (1996); Quest for True Humanity (1996); and On Your Own (1989). He is the founder Chairperson of the South African National Literacy Initiative (Sanli), as well as the Masifundesonke Reading Campaign in 2001. Mangena lives in Polokwane with his wife.

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Winning the Unfair Fight by Sam Hazledine


It’s tough starting and running a small business – you can feel like the underdog competing with large businesses that have more money, more experience and better established reputations.

But small businesses have the advantage – they are flexible and can adapt and innovate more quickly. Sam Hazledine knows this from direct experience, because he has grown his own start-up company, MedRecruit, into a very successful business, with a turnover in excess of $20 million a year.

In Winning the Unfair Fight, Sam shares his techniques for success and shows how small businesses can punch above their weight, and win. He presents simple, powerful concepts plus action steps to make them a reality.

Winning the Unfair Fight will become your blueprint for running and growing your business, with Sam’s hard-won tips and advice guiding you to success.

About the Author

Hazledine, Sam

Sam Hazledine owns the company MedRecruit, which has featured in the Deloitte Fast 50 for four consecutive years. He won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur Awards in 2012, and lives in New Zealand with his family.

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Birthmark by Stephen Clingman

When Stephen Clingman was two, he underwent an operation to remove a birthmark under his right eye. The operation failed, and the birthmark returned, but in a somewhat altered form.


In this captivating and beguiling book, Clingman takes the fact of that mark – its appearance, disappearance and return – as a guiding motif of memory. This is how we remember the worlds we are born into, how they become a set of images in the mind, surfacing and resurfacing across time and space. South Africa under apartheid was itself governed by the markings of birth – the accidents of colour, race, and skin. But what were the effects on the mind?

Here a further motif comes into play, for in the operation Stephen’s vision was affected, and his eyes came to see differently from one another: divided vision in a divided world. How, in these circumstances, can we come to a deeper kind of vision, how can we achieve wholeness, acceptance, find our place in the midst of turmoil and change?

In an enchanting and cumulative narrative set on three continents, Stephen’s memories make up the hologram of the book’s subtitle. It is a story that is personal, painful, comic, and ultimately uplifting: a book not so much of the coming of age, but the coming of perspective.

About the Author


Stephen Clingman grew up in Johannesburg, where he went to school and attended Wits University. After graduating with a degree in English literature, he won a scholarship to Oxford where he completed a doctorate on the writings of Nadine Gordimer. He has written widely on South African and transnational literature. He is the author of an acclaimed biography of Bram Fischer, which won the Sunday Times/Alan Paton Award, South Africa’s premier prize for non-fiction. He now lives in Amherst in the United States, where he is professor of English at the University of Massachusetts and directs the Interdisciplinary Studies Institute.

Published by Jacana Media

ISBN: 9781431421459