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The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual by Linda Buys


The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual is a vastly expanded and updated new edition of First Aid for the South African Home, Office and Outdoors. It provides concise yet comprehensive instructions on how to deal with all common first-aid emergencies. There is even a section on basic first aid for domestic pets.

The text is accompanied by step-by-step illustrations, which provide ‘at-a-glance’ reminders for the first aider of the latest procedures to follow. Also included are guidelines on what a first-aid kit should contain at home, as well as at the office or factory, and outdoors. Health hazards faced by first-aid workers are covered, as well as their legal responsibilities.

About the Author

Linda Buys is a qualified nursing sister and occupational nurse who specialises in the field of industrial nursing. She is a qualifed level 5 paramedic, and has ambulance experience in the handling of casualties. She has run first-aid classes, with a particular focus on workplace settings.

Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Penguin Random House)

ISBN: 9781432303679

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South African Artists at Home by Paul Duncan


An artist’s canvas reflects the face he chooses to show to the world, but the place in which that art is made is seldom revealed. Paul Duncan was given unparalleled access into the homes and lives of fifteen of South Africa’s most revered artists. Over countless mugs of coffee or glasses of wine, he listened and observed as they spoke about their lives, loves and the way they make their art. South African Artists at Home takes the reader into some very private spaces, affording us a glimpse of what the artist goes home to at the end of the day. For some, the work space and home space are irrevocably intertwined. For others, home is a sanctuary. Or perhaps it is the studio that is the sanctuary and home is where ‘real life’ happens. Either way, if you have an interest in art, artists, and the often bizarre way that making art intersects with living life, you’ll find this book intriguing.

About the Author


Paul Duncan is the founder of Paul Duncan Media and the author of a number of books including, most recently, Hidden Cape Town, Cape Town Louis Vuitton City Guide, Style Icons, and two collections of South African interiors: Down South and Down South Two. A former editorial director at Condé Nast Independent Magazines and editor of Condé Nast’s House & Garden (South Africa), Paul was educated in Cape Town and at the University of Edinburgh. As an independent media consultant, he works with a variety of organisations including Fiera Milano, Cape Town Design NPC, Cape Craft & Design Institute and Condé Nast International. He was also responsible for the abridgement and picture research for Nelson Mandela’s Illustrated Long Walk to Freedom.

View Paul‘s website HERE

View Paul‘s Facebook page HERE

Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781432301958

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500 Crochet Blocks by Hannah Elgie & Kath Webber


Featuring designs from the traditional to the contemporary, 500 Crochet Blocks is an indispensable reference for any crochet enthusiast. Comprehensive instructions and international crochet charts show how to easily create scores of motifs. Use your creativity with the motifs to make wonderful projects for the home, wearables with flair, and special fun and fanciful decorations for the holidays.

There are easy step-by-step instructions accompanied by helpful  illustrations on a variety of subjects including basic stitches such as slip knot, making a chain, single and double crochet stitches, and how to make a turning chain. You will also find instructions for working in the round, several types of textural stitches, and notes on increasing and decreasing. Charts feature information on yarn weights and the appropriate size hook for basic weights. Helpful tips are included, as well as finishing instructions such as blocking, shaping, and joining pieces. Included is a handy chart on reading a pattern.

About the Authors

Hannah Elgie


Hannah Elgie has been crafting since she was a child. She has run her own craft business, taught knitting, crochet, sewing, felt-making and pottery painting, and contributed to a variety of craft publications and programmes in the UK.

View Hannah‘s Facebook page HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE

Kath Webber


Kath Webber is a journalist and editor with an addiction to crochet. She has had patterns published and also teaches crochet in the UK.

View Kath‘s Facebook page HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE

Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781432305178

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Perfect Parties by Janet Kohler


Perhaps readers have reached that point in their lives where they’d really love to entertain their friends with a little more flair and sophistication, but feel quite intimidated by the prospect. Maybe their children are nagging them to arrange really fun birthday parties for them, but the very thought has the parents quaking. Possibly someone is getting married and would love a beautiful wedding reception but simply can’t stretch the budget to an expensive wedding planner or caterer. 

Janet Kohler is a perfectionist with an attention to detail that is quite breathtaking. With the assistance of stylist extraordinaire Penelope Mitchell, in Perfect Parties she presents a dazzling array of  inspirational party ideas, complemented by delicious recipes. She also guides the reader through every aspect of a party, whether it’s a birthday, engagement, picnic, baby shower, wedding or high tea, or just the family Christmas celebration. From choosing a theme; through décor and preparation countdowns; right down to the step-by-step recipes – it’s all there, lavishly illustrated with beautiful photography.

Click HERE to find out more about the book and to view some page spreads.  

About the Author


Originally an economist, Janet Kohler decided to follow her heart and train as a cordon bleu chef, but now as a stay-at-home mother of young children, she runs her own cookery school from her home in Durban.

View Janet‘s website HERE

View Janet‘s Facebook page HERE and follow her on Twitter @JanetKohlerBake

Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781432303167

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Woodworking for Everyone by Peter Alkema


Woodworking for Everyone will inspire you to create practical and stylish furniture for your home. Perfect for the coffee table or the workshop, this comprehensive and creative book contains 13 projects that will turn your weekends into fun-filled family time. Learn the basics of woodworking and make something useful that you will be proud of.

Each chapter is packed with photographs and illustrations as well as the background to the project and a list of materials and tools needed to complete the job. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with tips along the way to help you save time and get the job done. A ‘tools and techniques’ section provides you with practical insight about working with wood and the tools to get started.

Make the toy box or booster step as your first project in just a couple of hours. Finish the nursery shelf before the baby arrives or tackle the bed project if your child’s cot is becoming too small. Transform your garden with the sturdy bench in a shady spot or create a whole new outdoor play area with the Wendy house. You can even build your own workbench if you need a space for working and storing tools.

To visit the official Woodworking for Everyone website

Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans

About the Author


Peter Alkema has five children, two dogs and one circular saw. He is clueless in the kitchen but a Masters in Mechanical Engineering does mean he can use the toaster. He works in IT at a bank during the day and makes sawdust in his workshop at night. The inspiration for woodworking came from his late father and maybe his next book will be a collection of recipes for engineers. Woodworking for Everyone is Peter’s first book.

View Peter‘s Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

Published by Struik Lifestyle (An imprint of Random House Struik)

ISBN: 9781431700219

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