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From Para to Dakar – Joey Evans

Only one South African biker crossed this year’s finish line of the Dakar Rally, and that was Joey Evans.  And freshly unpacked on the bookshop shelves is his book From Para to Dakar.

What makes his story incredible is his journey to even get to the start line, and Joey’s book had me cheering and crying as I tore through the pages.


Here’s the synopsis:

Joey Evans has always loved bikes, from his first second-hand Raleigh Strika bicycle at the age of six to the powerful off-road machines that became his passion later on in his life. His dream was one day to ride the most gruelling off-road race in the world, the 9000km Dakar Rally.

In 2007 his dream was shattered when he broke his back in a racing accident. His spinal cord was crushed, leaving him paralysed from just below his chest. Doctors gave him a 10 per cent chance of ever walking again.

Many would have given up and become resigned to life in a wheelchair, but not Joey Evans. Not only would he get back on his feet and walk, but he would also keep his Dakar dream alive. It was a long and painful road to recovery, involving years of intensive rehabilitation and training, but he had the love and support of both family and friends and an incredible amount of determination.

Joey shares the many challenges he and his family faced, relating the setbacks, as well as successes, along the way to the Dakar start line. But the start line was only the first goal – his sights were set on reaching the finish line, which he did in 2017 – the only South African to do so. 

From Para to Dakar is so much more than the story of one man reaching the Dakar finish line. It is a story of friendship and respect, compassion and kindness. It is about defying the odds to reach a dream, it is about grit, endurance and raw courage, and it is inspiring in its true heroism.

Says Joey: I’ve realised that when things are really tough and there seems no hope for the future, it’s sometimes just Chapter One of a really cool story, and the ending is entirely up to you.’

To buy a copy of From Para to Dakar click HERE.


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Deliberate Concealment by Mtutuzeli Nyoka

An Insider’s Account of Cricket South Africa and the IPL Bonus Saga.


Mtutuzeli Nyoka grew up loving and playing the game of cricket. In 2008, he was appointed as the president of Cricket South Africa (CSA), a position he held until October 2011 when, after a protracted battle with the CSA board, he was dismissed. However, he continued to call for a commission of inquiry into irregularities in CSA. And when retired Judge Chris Nicholson conducted an investigation into CSA, his findings on the corruption and maladministration in the game were damning, particularly in terms of Gerald Majola.

In Deliberate Concealment, Nyoka shares his behind-the-scenes experiences and personal journey as events unfolded, including his own mistakes, the repercussions of the scandal on the game of cricket in South Africa, and his fight for the truth to prevail.

This is an extraordinary story of one man’s courage and determination to seek the truth and make sure it saw the light of day.’ – GILES CLARKE, president of the England and Wales Cricket Board

During his tenure as president of Cricket South Africa Mtutuzeli Nyoka fought almost alone to expose corruption and improve corporate governance within the higher echelons of South African cricket … For this the cricket community of South Africa owe him a great deal of gratitude.’ – DR ALI BACHER

About the Author


Mtutuzeli Nyoka served as the President of Cricket South Africa from 2008 to 2011. He currently lives in Johannesburg where he practises as an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon. His first novel, I Speak to the Silent (UKZN Press), was published in 2004 to widespread critical acclaim, and his second novel, A Hill of Fools (Picador Africa) was published in 2013. Deliberate Concealment is his first work of non-fiction.

View Mtutuzeli‘s website HERE

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Published by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781770104297

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Stoked! by Chris Bertish

Stoked! is an inspiring true story about courage, determination and the power of dreams.


Chris Bertish was a skinny little kid from Cape Town when he started surfing with his brothers. Fiercely driven and constantly pushing his boundaries, Chris was not content with conquering ‘ordinary’ big waves. He wanted more: bigger waves, bigger swells, more adrenaline. What began as a personal quest to prove to himself that he was one of the best in the ‘big-wave brotherhood’ culminated a decade later with Chris being crowned South Africa’s first Mavericks Big Wave Champion. Competitors in the 2010 event were faced with the biggest and heaviest waves ever recorded in the history of the sport and Chris, on his own budget, on the back of a 40-hour plane journey and on borrowed equipment, outsmarted and outperformed the world’s best-paid professional surfers.

How did Chris achieve this feat? ‘Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it to be’ is just one of the philosophies he lives by. Out of his passion for big-wave surfing has grown a profound wisdom and an appreciation of a few simple truths, which he shares in Stoked!. With his infectious enthusiasm, Chris tells how he pulled off death-defying antics time and again, overcame overwhelming obstacles and fears, and parried every blow that fate dealt him, all without ever losing faith or focus on his dreams.

About the Author


Chris Bertish is a world-champion big-wave surfer and winner of the 2010 Mavericks Big Wave Invitational. He holds numerous world records, most recently in the field of stand-up paddling (SUP). He is popular in the media and on the public-speaking circuit, and is an ambassador for Miles for Smiles in association with Operation Smile, which helps fund corrective surgery for children born with cleft palates. When he’s not managing his brand business in Cape Town, Chris travels the world inspiring audiences with his story of how he conquered his fears and proved that there is no such thing as Impossible; only, I’m Possible.

View Chris’ website HERE

Like Chris’ Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

Published by Zebra Press (An imprint of Penguin Random House)

ISBN: 9781770227644

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Eat Smart for Sport (2nd Ed.) by Liesbet Delport & Paula Volschenk


Eat Smart for Sport is a practical guide to what, how much and when to eat when competing in sport, whether you are an amateur, a professional sportsperson or a concerned parent. Simply go to the tables at the back of the book and see how many carb, protein and fat units you need in a day to maintain or lose weight if you do up to 5 hours of exercise per day. Additional food tables tell you how much of different types of food equals one unit of carbohydrate, protein or fat. There are also many examples of eating plans for different weight groups. It also helps you compile a flexible eating plan for before, during and after competition. Learn how to use lower fat eating and the Glycemic Index (GI), as well as the concept of Glycemic Load (GL). This book is the ultimate sports nutrition guide.

About the Authors

Liesbet Delport


Liesbet Delport is one of South Africa’s best selling health authors. She is a founder member of the Glycaemic Index Foundation of South Africa and has a successful private practice in Nelspruit. She has written articles on various aspects of nutrition for magazines, journals and newspapers and regularly delivers talks and lectures.

View Liesbet‘s Facebook page HERE

Paula Volschenk


Dr Paula Volschenk RD (SA) has a doctorate in nutrition from Cambridge University and is a registered dietician in South Africa and in the UK. She has been in private practice in Pretoria since 1994.

View Paula‘s website HERE and Facebook page HERE

Published by Tafelberg (An imprint of NB Publishers)

ISBN: 9780624069942

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The Greatest Springbok Teams by Adam Hathaway

We live and breathe rugby. This book celebrates the Springbok teams that really knew how to pump the air into our rugby lungs – the greatest South African rugby teams ever.


Inside these pages are profiles and statistics of the players and teams who smashed the All Blacks and Australia in their own backyards in 1937, the conquerors of Europe in 1951/52, those who faced the hungry British Lions in 1924, 1980 and 2009, the Boks who lifted the World Cup in 1995 and 2007, plus many other great sides.

The teams featured are the best of the best.  From 1924 to the present day, from the amateur players of old who went to fight in the World Wars to the modern professionals who moved into business or became TV pundits, the author delves deep to find out what happened to the unforgettable names who made up these great sides. And what does it really mean to be part of one of those great Springbok teams?

The book includes interviews with Morné du Plessis, Rob Louw, Victor Matfield and John Smit, who reveal what’s behind the magic of the green and gold. The Greatest Springbok Teams – Past to Present celebrates those Springbok teams that have become truly immortal in the eyes of their fans – it is a must-have for every rugby library.

About the Author

Adam Hathaway is an international rugby writer who has written for publications around the world. He has covered more than 10 rugby tours, including the last three World Cups, and has written about every major rugby nation.

He is the former rugby correspondent for the News of the World in London and currently writes about rugby for the Sunday People.

Adam is the chairman of the Rugby Union Writers’ Club and has co-authored A Fan’s Guide to World Rugby and The Little Book of Rugby, and he has contributed to other books, including Behind the Lions and The Rugby Revolution.

View Adam‘s Facebook page HERE

Published by Zebra Press (An imprint of Penguin Random House)

ISBN: 9781770227415

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Papwa: In the Grip of a Champion by Maxine Case


Sewsunker “Papwa” Sewgolum (1930–1978) was a South African golfer who carved a niche for himself in golfing folklore when he became the first golfer of colour to win a provincial open in South Africa (in 1963). Sewgolum, a former caddie, with his wrong-way-round grip (left hand beneath his right), beat 103 white golfers in the Natal Open at the Durban Country Club. He became a symbol of the sports boycott movement when pictures of him receiving his trophy outdoors in the rain, because, due to apartheid, he was not allowed to enter the clubhouse, were published across the world.

In 1965 he beat Gary Player to win the Natal Open for the second time. He also won the Dutch Open in 1959, 1960 and 1964. However, the dream was to be cut short. At the peak of his career, Papwa was banned by the apartheid government from participating in or attending any PGA tournaments. Crushing him further, they also withdrew his passport, denying him the right to play internationally. This slowly broke his spirit, leaving him with nothing but a dream.

This is the story of one man who triumphed against unbelievable odds, only to have his dream snatched from him. Written as fiction, this is a uniquely South African story told by a master storyteller.

The record books don’t lie. Three Dutch Opens, I repeat, three Dutch Opens in six years . . .” – Ken Schofield (Executive Director of the European Tour)

About the Author


Maxine Case is the author of All We Have Left Unsaid (Kwela Books, 2006) and her short story “Homing Pigeons” appears in the collection African Compass: New Writing from Southern Africa (New Africa Books, 2005). An excerpt from the former is included in Nice times: A Book of South African Pleasures and Delights (Double Storey, 2006).

All We Have Left Unsaid is the winner of the 2007 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book, Africa region and is the joint winner of the Herman Charles Bosman Prize 2007.

Case has written for several South African magazines and has a monthly column, “The Last Word” in Soul magazine. She has worked at a publishing company as well as an NGO in Cape Town before receiving a scholarship to study an MA in Creative Writing in New York, USA.

View Maxine‘s Facebook page HERE

Published by Kwela Books (An imprint of NB Publishers)

ISBN: 9780795707117

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The Meaning of Luck by Steve Waugh

Stories of Learning, Leadership and Love.


In The Meaning of Luck, former Australian cricket captain and 2004 Australian of the Year Steve Waugh explores the concept of luck, based on his experiences in the worlds of sport, business and charity.

Steve begins by recalling the potentially devastating event that rocked his life in 2006, when his wife Lynette suffered a life-threatening brain bleed. Today, Lynette describes her illness as a ‘stroke of luck’, which she can do only because she fought so hard to regain her health and strength. She is lucky, but only because she chose to be. Lynette is the first of a number of characters in the book who have triumphed over adversity.

Also featured are cricketers, coaches, business and community leaders, and some of the brave children Steve has come into contact with through his philanthropy in India and Australia. There are tales from Ashes Tests, World Cups and the Olympic Games. The stories in The Meaning of Luck carry messages about leadership, maximising potential and having fun. Together, they provide a guide for people seeking to progress not just in sport, but in whatever direction they choose for their lives.

About the Author


Steve Waugh evolved from a series of setbacks early in his international cricket career to become arguably the toughest, most mentally strong player of his generation. He retired in 2004 with more Test and one-day appearances than any other Australian cricketer. He was named Australian of the Year in 2004 and Australian Father of the Year in 2005.

Steve led his country to 41 victories in 57 Tests between 1999 and 2004, clearly the best winning percentage for a Test captain with more than 20 Tests in charge, and in 106 one-day internationals, for 67 victories, including the 1999 World Cup. The Australian cricket team was named ‘Team of the Year’ at the 2002 Laureus World Sports Awards.

Since his retirement, Steve has swapped his cricket whites and baggy green for a business suit and tie, built an enviable reputation as a writer and observer on the game he loves, and worked with the Australian Olympic team and the Australian soccer team in mentoring and athlete liaison roles. He has also devoted much time to charity — most notably through his patronage of the Udayan children’s home in Kolkata, India, and the Steve Waugh Foundation’s support for children fighting Rare Diseases in Australia.

View Steve‘s website HERE

View Steve‘s Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

Published by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780987564108

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The Black & White Story by Wim van der Berg

Are you a Sharks fan? Then this is THE book to ask for this Christmas …


The Black & White Story traces the long and proud 125 year history of the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union and their team The Sharks.


The Natal Rugby Union, later renamed the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union, was founded in 1890 and there have been many heroes in the 125 years. Some of them were players, others administrators; and then of course there were the men who spent hours on training fields with schools, clubs and province, and those who refereed matches at all levels.

Natal only won fifty per cent of their Currie Cup matches in their first 60 years and then came the surprise first final in 1956 when a gust of wind cost them the title. It took sixty-six years for the union to enjoy its first Currie Cup final.

But the province did produce its fair share of quality players, including Springboks Bill Payne, Wally Clarkson and Philip Nel, who led South Africa on the country’s unbeaten tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1937.

Two of those coaches, in particular, turned the fortunes of Natal around in the years before they became known as the Sharks. Izak van Heerden became world-renowned for his tactics and emphasis on skills to play running rugby. This transformed Natal into a real power and also a crowd favourite. And fifteen years later Ian McIntosh identified a (totally different) ‘new style’. This put Natal at the forefront following some lean years and bore fruit when they won the Currie Cup for a first time in 1990.

Retold in detail is the wonderful 25 year period following The Sharks first Currie Cup win in 1990 (after being a team playing B section rugby in the 1980s), of the construction of Kings Park Stadium, and how today, The Sharks (previously known as The Banana Boys) have become one of the leading rugby brands in the world.

About the Author


Wim van der Berg is the managing editor of Blou, the official magazine of the Bulls and Blue Bulls. He is a seasoned rugby writer and author and has contributed to numerous magazines and newspapers for the past 40 years.

Wim played rugby until he was 57, was a senior club referee, coached rugby at first team level, sat on committees of various clubs, and was manager and coach at provincial sevens level.

He has published seven books on rugby: 75 Blue Bulls Legends; True to the Blue; 150 years of Rugby in South Africa;The Extraordinary Book of South African Rugby(all also in Afrikaans); and Great Moments in Currie Cup History and co-authored Blue Bulls: 70 Years of Glory(also in Afrikaans) and A Lions Tale with Gerhard Burger.

Published by Tracey McDonald Publishers

ISBN: 9780620615457

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KP by Kevin Pietersen


The fascinating life story of professional cricketer Kevin Pietersen, MBE, from his childhood in South Africa to his recent experiences as one of the leading lights in the world of international cricket.

Kevin was dropped from the England squad in February of this year, seemingly calling time on an international career that began nearly ten years earlier. The decision puzzled many observers – although the England team had failed miserably in the Ashes tour of 2013-14, Kevin was the tourists’ leading run scorer across the series, and he remains the country’s highest run scorer of all time across all formats of the game.

Kevin will reveal all in his autobiography, telling the stories behind the many other highs and lows of his incredible career. Giving readers the full story of his life, from his childhood in South Africa to his recent experiences as one of the leading lights in the world of international cricket, this will be an autobiography that entertains and fascinates readers in equal measure.

View Kevin‘s website HERE

View Kevin‘s Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

Published by Jonathan Ball Publishers

ISBN: 9780751557558

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How to Drive by Ben Collins

Welcome to the next chapter of your driving education.


Former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins, shares expert skills and wisdom refined over a twenty-year career as one of the best drivers in the world – from Le Mans Series racing to NASCAR, piloting the Batmobile and dodging bullets with James Bond.

Ben’s philosophy of anticipation, smoothness and speed, honed over thousands of hours of elite-level performance, is really about economy of motion – which also gives you greater control, safety and fuel efficiency. This book is about driving better, not faster.

About the Author 


Ben Collins was born in Bristol before moving to California, where he competed as a junior Olympic standard swimmer. When a career as a fighter pilot was cut short by a visit to the optician, Ben switched to cars.

He won races in every category from Formula Three to Le Mans Sportscars and GT, and captured the European ASCAR title. When a lack of funding curtailed his racing career, Ben joined the Army Reserves. He also worked as a Hollywood stuntman. In 2003 he became the anonymous fourth presenter, known as The Stig, of Top Gear, coaching celebrities, organising car chases and testing hundreds of priceless cars.

Eight years and thirteen series on, his alter ego is recognised by millions around the world. Ben lives in the West country with his wife Georgie and three children.

View Ben‘s website HERE

View Ben‘s Facebook page HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE

Published by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447272854

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