Discoverability of Authors

01 November 2012

The days of bookshops buying hundreds of copies of a book are gone – this is only enjoyed by a few authors whose names are recognised, household brands. For other writers, and there are over 300 000 books published every year, the process of publishing has undergone a major change.

An author’s first job is to write something brilliant. And their second job is to connect with the masses and the media. In a nutshell, they need to make themself, and their writing, DISCOVERABLE.

How do they do this?  Every author needs to build themself a platform in the online world that will allow them to share their ideas, collect followers, engage in conversation and essentially grow an audience hungry for more. That hunger is the very thing that sells books, be they printed or electronic.

Where to even begin? There is a bewildering array of options in the social media toolbox, but these are essential:

  • Create a Facebook author fan page
  • Open a Twitter account
  • Create an author website
  • Their website needs to have a blog
  • They need to include a book banner in their email signature

Help? I Love Books can help – we will do the creation and the implementation, and hand over a customised social media package to get an author started on their road to discoverability.

ABOUT TRACEY McDONALD – I have always loved reading.  My earliest memories are those spending every Saturday morning in the town library, listening to ‘story-time’ and then being able to choose my three books to take home for the week.

Once grown up, and various career paths later, I started working at Penguin Books and after eleven years with the company, as sales and marketing director, I recently decided to leave and open my own business, I Love Books.

Not everyone has the time, or indeed the inclination, to browse in bookshops.  A select few regularly visit bookshops, but that isn’t to say that everyone else is not interested in books – in fact, the opposite is true.

My goal is to introduce the general public to authors, and authors to the general public.

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If you would like more information about this, please contact Tracey McDonald at 083 659 7489 or email at

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