The Chicken Thief by Fiona Leonard

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Alois is The Chicken Thief, a bright young man struggling to find his way in a southern African country wracked by political unrest and a crumbling economy. Through a chance encounter, Alois is set to make some fast money. But the enterprise goes horribly wrong, and he finds himself in a complicated and perilous struggle to rescue a war hero and transform the political landscape. Though an unlikely hero, Alois discovers, in this charming and fast-paced adventure, that both dreams and justice are within his grasp.

Courtesy of Penguin BooksRead an extract from The Chicken Thief by Fiona Leonard.

About the author

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Fiona Leonard has a gypsy soul that has carried her across twenty countries on four continents. She has worked as a diplomat, foreign and trade policy consultant, freelance writer, theatre producer, blogger, home schooler and author, and sometimes several of these at once. She lives in Ghana, West Africa, for now.

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Published by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143538554

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