The Lion and the Lamb – Memoirs of a Vet

Normally I wait to finish a book before voicing my thoughts, but I am loving The Lion and the Lamb – Memoirs of a Vet so much, that I simply cannot wait.

Mike Hardwich, the author, is both a vet and a farmer, who originally practised in Pietermaritzburg, but now practises at The Heritage Vet in Hillcrest.

So far I have read about the first orang-utan birth in Africa, a C section of a marmoset, complications with farm animals, the world of racehorses and their crooked owners, the anaesthesia of a fruit bat, and an introduction to Mike’s family’s pet menagerie.

The late Sam Ngwena, who spent forty years in all working for various vets as an assistant, and the last six of his life with Mike had this to say:

‘Mike is a white African who understands animals like no other.  His spirit calms them; he knows no fear and never panics.  He makes our really difficult work seem easy.  We seldom have to restrain a patient; there is a calming spirit in our practice because of him.’

In places it is laugh-out-loud funny, and in others incredibly sad – just quite wonderful.

The book retails at R174 (inclusive of postage) and can be ordered directly from The Heritage Vet.  Their email address is

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5 thoughts on “The Lion and the Lamb – Memoirs of a Vet”

  1. Just finished my best read this year , the lion and the lamb . I recommend this book for all ages. Easy to read , interesting , exciting and honest . The type of book I would happily give to my grand children or recommend to a work colleague .
    Thank you Sir for making my week !
    Regards ,

    1. Yes, Eric, I agree with you and love the book! It is not easy to find a book that one can recommend to children these days – I have two grandchildren in Kennewick, USA, who are reading and books are few and far between that I can send them for presents. I know the author and his stories are 100% authentic.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. When my Editor, Cathy leotta and I set out to do this book we made a conscientous decision to make it exactly what you describe Eric and I thank you – we set out and achieved our goal.

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